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Vintage cars - What about insurance and taxes?

You don't just qualify for cheap vintage car insurance. The car must meet...

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Oldtimer insurance claim-free years

When can you insure a car as a vintage car?

Cars that fall under the definition of vintage cars are cheap to insure. The annual premium differs...

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Insurance Card! What it is.

Insurance needs to get simpler and simpler. In recent years, insurers have changed the language used in policy terms and...

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car insurance non-payment

Car insurance gets considerably more expensive

Car insurance premiums have risen sharply in one year. Especially young people...

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Is insurance required for a moped?

A moped is a cross between a moped and a car. From an insurance perspective, it falls...

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Fine insurance fraud

Insurance fraud fine

Insurers invest a lot of time in recognizing and detecting insurance fraud. So here are ...

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find out owner through the license plate number

Can the owner be traced through the license plate number?

With a license plate number, you can find out a lot of information about a car. On the basis...

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quad driving licence

Riding a quad bike - know what you are doing

During the summer months, many Dutch people abroad get involved in a traffic accident with...

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Event regulation for vintage cars

Event regulation for vintage cars

Do you have a vintage car 15 years and older whose registration number is suspended?...

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