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What forms of cybercrime are there?

Cybercrime is a form of digital crime in which cybercriminals break into, for example, a computer, telephone or an entire network of an organisation. The impact of this form of crime is great. With cyber insurance, you can insure yourself against the consequences of incidents involving digital processes.

Cybercriminals come in different shapes and sizes. They can be individuals, organisations, activists or even state linked groups. These people may have different motives. They often use the Internet to protest, to mobilise people or to extort or blackmail people/companies. The goal is usually to make money.

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Different forms of cybercrime

Cybercrime can take various forms. This means that criminals can attack your company in several ways online. Below is an overview of the most common variants with a brief explanation.


This form of cyber crime is becoming increasingly common. You are asked for your personal details via an e-mail or website. The email is supposedly sent by your bank or other company. Never just give out personal details, such as your PIN number or passwords. If you don't trust the e-mail, always contact the company from whom you supposedly received the e-mail immediately. Never just click on a link in such an e-mail.

Ddos attack

A Ddos-attack is an attack in which the server is overloaded with the aim of making your website unusable.


The word says it all. This form of cybercrime involves systematic harassment, usually of individuals, via digital channels.

Cyber extortion

Data extortion is really nothing more or less than extorting money from a person or organisation. You only regain access to your data when you pay the criminals money. With ransomware, files on your computer are locked. To regain access to the data, a ransom must be paid.

Password cracking

Criminals find out your passwords and then break into your computer, phone or network. It is therefore important to choose good passwords, which consist of upper and lower case letters, numbers and punctuation. Do not use the same password for every website. If criminals get hold of your password, they can immediately access all your accounts.


Criminals infect your computer with malware. Malware is the collective name for malicious software. This allows them to access your computer and lock your files. A well-known form of malware is a virus.

Identity fraud

This form of fraud occurs with both companies and individuals. Your identity or your company details are used to order products or services. These false identities are also used to carry out illegal activities.

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Please note that the report only gives an indication of the current cyber resilience of your company. It does not guarantee that your company is digitally safe.

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