Huge drop in number of new cabs first 7 months 2020

August 7, 2020

Marc Diks
Last updated: 23-02-2023

The first 7 months of 2020 saw a huge drop in the number of cabs allowed on Dutch roads for the first time, compared to the same months last year.

Figures from the RDW show that July showed the biggest difference. While last July there were 637 cabs allowed on the road for the first time, this year there are only 38. A huge drop of more than 94%.

Less work for cabs due to corona crisis

Because of the corona crisis, there is often little to drive for cab drivers. As a result, cab companies choose to temporarily suspend the license plates of cabs and temporarily stop cab insurance. Cab companies that do not use public roads for an extended period of time may choose to suspend the license plate. The vehicle must then be removed from public roads. The advantage of this is that no road tax has to be paid, there is no obligation for a MOT inspection, and the obligation for third-party insurance also lapses.

According to RDW figures, currently 15% of vehicles classified as cabs are designated, are not insured. If all is well, these vehicles are off the public roads and does not necessarily mean that these cabs are driving around uninsured.

The decline in the number of cabs does not seem to be entirely due to the corona crisis. January this year, when corona was not yet in the Netherlands, already showed a decline compared to the same month last year.