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Business Insurances

An overview of all Alpina's business insurance policies


Directors' Liability Insurance

Administrative function? An error can have far-reaching consequences, resulting in damage
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Corporate car insurance

Insure your business car against damage to yourself and damage done to others
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Van insurance

Insure your private or business van online against damage and at the most competitive premium
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Liability insurance companies

Insure your business against damage or injury caused by your business to others
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Corporate Liability Insurance

Insure your business against damage or injury caused by your business to others
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Professional indemnity insurance

Avoid high costs in claims arising from the operation of your business premises or profession
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Inventory and goods insurance

Insure your business inventory, machinery and stored supplies at the most competitive premium
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Commercial property insurance

Insure your commercial property against fire, storm, explosion, lightning and more at the most competitive rate
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Business legal expenses insurance

Insure your business against legal conflicts with business legal expenses insurance
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SME package

Insure your business against virtually all business risks at once with the business SME package
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Truck Insurance

Insure your truck against damage caused to the truck or by you to others
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Commercial vehicle insurance

Insure your company car against damage to your car and damage done to other cars
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Fleet insurance

Insure all your company vehicles at once with fleet insurance
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Verzuim insurance

Insure your business against financial risks of staff illness with absenteeism insurance
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Cyber Insurance

Insure your business against a hack or data breach, resulting in business downtime
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Business travel insurance

Insure your business trip with business travel insurance.
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Cheap business insurance

As a business owner, you want things done quickly and well. Searching for hours for the right insurance for your company is not what you want. At Alpina, we understand this and lend a helping hand with our online Insurance Comparer.

With this comparer, within just a few minutes you will have an idea which cheap business insurance best suits your company and offers the most competitive premium. A smart tool that makes finding that one business insurance policy a simple task.

You can contact us to compare, calculate premiums and take out the following business insurance policies:

  • Commercial vehicle insurance
  • Commercial property insurance
  • Inventory and goods insurance
  • Corporate liability insurance
  • Business legal expenses insurance
  • Professional indemnity insurance

We only offer insurances from well-known insurers such as Nationale Nederlanden, Delta Lloyd and ASR Insurance, but at the lowest premium.

So go and find cheap business insurance and take it out online today.

Which business insurances are compulsory?

Within business insurance, a distinction can be made between compulsory insurance and insurance that is sensible to take out.

The following business insurance policies are mandatory:

  • Company car insurance: make sure you include occupants in your insurance.
  • Employee insurance: as an employer, you must pay premiums for employee insurance such as the Sickness Insurance Act, Disability Insurance Act and the Unemployment Insurance Act.

Other business insurances such as the Premises Insurance and Inventory and Property Insurance are therefore not compulsory, but advisable.

Business insurance for your company

Alpina offers several customized business insurance policies to keep your company safe from unexpected surprises. So take out your business liability insurance, professional liability insurance, absenteeism insurance, car insurance,
premises insurance, inventory and property insurance, company car insurance and/or legal expenses insurance. This allows you to focus 100% on your business, with all financial risks covered. Even after taking out the insurance, Alpina continues to compare and monitor the insurances, guaranteeing that your company is and remains optimally insured.

Switching insurance companies?

Already insured but ready to switch? No problem, Alpina offers a cancellation service for your current insurance(s). This cancellation service is of course free of charge!

Business insurance for the starting entrepreneur

Especially for start-up entrepreneurs, business insurance is sometimes forgotten in enthusiasm. A beginning entrepreneur obviously wants to focus fully on his or her business. Unlike salaried employment, entrepreneurship is a risk for which you are responsible. However, a good foundation is crucial to cover any risks. The overview above lists business insurances you should think about as a (starting) entrepreneur. You have the choice between a complete range of business insurance products that are almost all compatible with each other. We understand better than anyone that not every company is the same or has the same needs. So get personal advice from one of our insurance specialists.

Tailor your business insurance

  • Low insurance premiums
  • Fire, theft, legal assistance and liability
  • Direct online coverage possible
  • Fast, free cancellation service

Compare our business insurance policies above and get the business insurance that fits your business today!

Take out business insurance

If you are starting your own business, it is wise to take a good look at the various business insurance policies. Every business is different and has different insurance needs. With the right business insurance policies, you can ensure that you are well insured in case of damage and other business risks, such as absenteeism among your staff or legal conflicts with suppliers or other stakeholders. Arranging your business insurance easily and quickly? You can do so at Alpina.nl! With us, you can easily take out various business insurances online. Do you have any questions while taking out your insurance? Then please contact us! Our insurance specialists are happy to think along with you and can answer all your questions. You can reach us Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. by phone at 0800 - 688 37 12. You can also send us a message via chat, WhatsApp or Messenger.

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