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Transportation insurance is insurance that allows you to insure your belongings in case of damage and theft during transportation.

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All about transport insurance

Almost every business owner has to deal with transportation. Whether it's materials for your business or transport towards the customer: if something goes wrong with your goods during transport, it can have unpleasant consequences.

For example, if important construction equipment is damaged in transit, it can cause delays to a construction project, leading to customer dissatisfaction.

Transport insurance or self-haul insurance covers damage to your goods during transport.

What is transport insurance?

Transport insurance is insurance that allows you to insure your belongings in case of damage and theft during transport. Many entrepreneurs think of transport only in terms of a truck or container ship, but transport in a company car or plane is also covered. If the carrier damages or loses the goods, you will receive compensation from your insurer. Even if the cargo of a truck goes up in flames due to fire, you are fortunately insured for this.

With a number of insurers, own transport is also covered under transport insurance, but sometimes you have to take out a separate Own Transport Insurance. Always check this in the policy conditions of the insurance company.

Who is transport insurance for?

Transport insurance is for all types of companies that occasionally or regularly have goods transported, whether by land, sea or air. It may concern an SME, but also a large multinational. It also doesn't matter whether you transport goods within the Netherlands or between different countries. There is a suitable transport insurance for every company.

Why take out transport insurance?

You cannot control what happens to your goods during transport. An accident is in fact in a small corner. For example, damage may occur during loading or unloading of the goods, the refrigerator may break down causing the goods to spoil or a fire may start which will seriously damage the cargo and may even render it unusable. Such damage can be costly. In addition, the goods may be essential to your operations, causing them to grind to a halt and you to lose profit. With a transport insurance you are insured for this and you reduce (financial) risks.

What does transport insurance cover?

The standard coverage of a transport insurance policy includes:

  • Damage during loading and unloading
  • Cooling damage during transport
  • Damage to items intended for sale
  • Damage to tools and materials needed for your work
  • Damage due to spoilage, theft and loss of goods
  • Damage caused by fire, explosion and accidents on the means of transport


The cost of transportation insurance depends on a number of personal factors. To determine the amount of the insurance premium, the factors considered include the type of goods you are having transported, the type of transportation and the origin or destination of the goods. You can then pay the premium monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. At you can use our online comparison tool to calculate an indication of the premium immediately. This gives you an idea of the cost of transport insurance before you take out the insurance.

Freight insurance

Transport insurance ensures that your goods are always well protected during transport. The carrier's liability is limited. There are certain limits to damage compensation, as a result of which you will not always be (fully) compensated for the damage to your goods. That is why it may be wise to take out transport insurance for your goods. When taking out transport insurance, you can choose whether you want temporary or permanent cover.

Sea freight

Even if you have your goods transported by sea, you are insured with transport insurance. You can send pallets, sea containers and bulk goods by sea freight. If the ship sinks, cargo is lost or something goes wrong during loading or unloading: you are insured for all these situations with transport insurance.

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