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With business legal expenses insurance, you get legal help and advice from specialists in the event of an unexpected conflict that has arisen from the conduct of activities of your business or profession.

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All about business legal expenses insurance

Looking for business legal expenses insurance for your business? As a business owner, you deal with multiple parties, such as buyers, staff, suppliers, etc. Hiring legal assistance is a pricey item. Therefore, provide yourself and your company with legal support and advice in business conflicts with an inexpensive business legal expenses insurance from alpina.nl.

There are many ways in which you, as a business owner, can become involved in a legal conflict. With business legal expenses insurance, you get legal help and advice from specialists in the event of an unexpected conflict that has arisen from the conduct of activities of your business or profession.

You will also be reimbursed for the cost of this legal help. These include litigation costs and costs of independent experts.

Why a business legal expenses insurance?

Business legal expenses insurance provides you with legal support in conflicts with suppliers or customers, for example, but also in internal matters such as conflicts with your staff. Such legal matters can often turn into complex and time-consuming cases for which many entrepreneurs do not have the time and/or the necessary knowledge. That is why it is advisable to take out legal assistance insurance for companies. In this way, you know that you can rely on a legal specialist in the event of a conflict and he will ensure that you get what you are entitled to.

Can I get business legal expenses insurance?

With business legal expenses insurance, a number of things are covered by default and there are additional coverages you can choose.
You will get legal help in conflicts about labor law, insurance, permits, environment, criminal and disciplinary matters, real estate used by you, agreements with suppliers and customers or buyers who do not pay, among other things.

The standard coverage of a business legal assistance insurance consists of:

  • Business or professional practice
  • Debt collection
  • Traffic

The optional coverages for business legal assistance insurance are:

  • Legal assistance for motor vehicles
  • Legal aid for individuals

Business or professional practice

You will get legal help in case of conflicts that arise from your company's activities.

Debt collection

You are insured for debt collection assistance. If, for example, a client or customer refuses to pay an invoice, your insurer will take over the collection process from you.


You get legal help if you want to recover damages and personal injuries you have suffered in traffic. You also get help in criminal cases.

Legal assistance for motor vehicles

This additional cover provides legal assistance in the event of a dispute about motor vehicles used for business purposes.

Legal aid for individuals

A business legal assistance insurance can be extended with a private legal assistance insurance. With this additional coverage you and your family will receive legal assistance in case of a conflict concerning a private matter.

What kinds of coverages are available with business legal expenses insurance?

The legal assistance insurance business covers various disputes arising from the exercise of the business or profession. Your company is covered for legal support and advice in, among other things:

  • Conflicts with customers / clients about delivered services / products
  • Conflicts with suppliers over procurement
  • Conflicts with authorities (e.g. licences)
  • Legal advice on personnel
  • Legal advice on social legislation
  • Legal advice on buying, renting and maintaining business premises

Often there is an unlimited amount of coverage.

You can extend the legal assistance insurance for companies with, among others, the following coverages:

  • legal assistance for commercial motor vehicles
  • legal aid to individuals for owners or partners
Coverage restrictions

There are some coverage limitations, namely:
For conflicts arising within 3 months of the effective date of the insurance, you will not receive legal assistance. This waiting period does not apply when it comes to recovering damage to property or persons. In the case of collection assistance, the claim must have arisen during the term of the insurance or within 3 months before the insurance was taken out.

For conflicts from €350,- you will get legal assistance. There is no minimum amount for criminal and disciplinary cases, conflicts regarding traffic damage and for debt collection assistance.

What are the benefits of legal expenses insurance for businesses?

A few advantages in brief:

  • Legal support in conflicts with staff or business partners
  • Legal support if you are sued
  • Legal support if you want to take steps
  • Support in general legal matters
As a self-employed person, do I need to take out business legal assistance insurance?

Do you have problems with a supplier? Or are you dealing with a long-term debtor who refuses to pay? Then you may want to take legal action. Unfortunately, legal assistance is quite expensive. The costs can quickly run into the hundreds, if not thousands, of euros. For a self-employed person, these are high expenses that you cannot easily afford.

That is why there is legal assistance insurance for a self-employed person. With such insurance you can get the legal help you need up to a certain amount.

What added value does legal expenses insurance have in an AVB?

Many business owners have taken out liability insurance. In addition to business liability insurance (AVB), it may be wise to purchase business legal expenses insurance. As a business owner, you deal with many different parties. Should you be held liable by one or more of these parties, such as customers or suppliers, liability insurance usually covers these damages. If you do not agree with a claim and cannot resolve it with the other party yourself, then legal assistance insurance can help. Should legal assistance be necessary to resolve a business conflict, then you are assured of legal help and advice with business legal assistance insurance. Without legal assistance insurance you, as an entrepreneur, will have to pay for legal costs yourself.

What is not insured with a business legal assistance insurance?

You are not insured if you report the conflict too late. Intentional conflicts and existing conflicts are also excluded. In addition, you will not receive legal assistance for conflicts that are not related to the normal or customary activities of your company or profession. Conflicts about taxes, such as a tax assessment, levies, import duties or excise duties, are also excluded.

By default, a number of items are excluded from coverage. For example, if you commit fraud when taking out insurance or in the event of a claim. Or when damage is caused by intent or recklessness or criminal and punishable activities. Molestation is also excluded from cover as standard.

Communicating changes is important

When you apply for insurance or if you have a claim, you have to answer questions. You must answer these questions honestly. In addition, you should do as much as possible to prevent and limit damage. Report damage as soon as possible! It is also important to inform us of any changes.

Easy calculation and conclusion

Through our website you can easily calculate premiums. After entering some data, a number of insurance policies will appear, tailored to your needs, with the corresponding premiums and policy conditions. You can compare these. If you have found a suitable insurance, you can take out a policy immediately. Are you having problems or do you have any questions? Then you can contact us. You can reach us by phone at 088 - 688 37 12.

How does Alpina work?

As an intermediary, we are not part of any insurance company. This means that we have no financial or production obligations to the companies we work with. When comparing insurance, we consider your personal situation and specific wishes regarding coverage. Alpina makes insurance clear and fast.

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Alpina complies with all the legal requirements of the AFM. For example, we have the necessary permits and diplomas and we are affiliated with the Financial Services Complaints Institute (Kifid).

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