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Every business owner can face environmental damage. To be insured against this, you can take out environmental damage insurance.

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All about environmental damage insurance

Every business owner can be faced with environmental damage. For example, if you use cleaning agents that damage the environment, but also if a fire breaks out in your business premises, releasing asbestos. If you have to pay the remediation costs yourself, this can add up considerably.

To be insured against this, you can purchase environmental damage insurance.

What is environmental damage insurance?

Environmental damage insurance is a business insurance that covers the costs of environmental damage. This can be either environmental damage at your own location or environmental damage caused by you to someone else. Environmental damage caused by someone else at your location is also covered. Environmental damage is caused by contaminated fire extinguishing water, asbestos particles, leaking diesel or certain cleaning products containing harmful substances.

Why environmental damage insurance?

Many entrepreneurs wonder whether environmental damage insurance is really necessary. Yet this insurance is needed more often than you might think. Perhaps the activities of your company do not pose any environmental risks at first sight, but in the event of a fire, for example, dangerous substances can always be released. There is also the possibility of asbestos in your business premises. But diesel leaks or the use of harmful cleaning agents can also cause environmental damage in some cases. That is why an environmental damage insurance can still come in handy.

Environmental damage insurance: for whom?

Environmental damage insurance is not compulsory, but every entrepreneur can be confronted with environmental damage. Therefore, environmental damage insurance is useful for every entrepreneur. Environmental damage insurance is also important for freelancers, because as a freelancer you can also be held liable for environmental damage. With an environmental damage insurance, environmental damage caused by someone else at your location is also insured. In addition, your surrounding locations are also insured!

What does environmental damage insurance cover?

Environmental damage insurance usually covers clean-up costs, investigation costs and salvage costs. Salvage costs are costs to prevent or reduce damage. In addition, costs resulting from remediation are often covered, such as the costs of repairing or replacing pipes, cables, paving and planting. Loss of business as a result of remediation is also covered with environmental damage insurance.

Environmental damage insurance asbestos

You hope not, of course, but you may have to deal with asbestos in your business premises. Especially if your company is located in an old building, there is a greater chance of asbestos. Asbestos can be released during, for instance, fire or storm, but also when you renovate the building. These asbestos particles can cause environmental damage. With an environmental insurance you are insured for environmental damage caused by asbestos.

Environmental damage insurance business

The environmental damage insurance is a business insurance. You can take out this insurance as an entrepreneur or as a self-employed person. Even as a self-employed person you can be held liable for environmental damage. In that case, an environmental damage insurance comes in handy.

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