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WAM also mandatory for forklifts

Mar. 26, 2024
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The Motor Insurance Liability Act (WAM) compensates for damage you cause to others with your vehicle. For cars and buses, for example, it is natural for many people to have at least third-party insurance. But not all vehicles take this for granted.

Definition changed

Until recently, the law stated that it was mandatory to take out WAM insurance for motor vehicles participating in traffic. As a result, WAM did not seem mandatory for vehicles that do not travel on public roads, such as forklifts and electric pallet trucks.

The law was amended effective December 23, 2023. The adjustment ensures that the law is now mandatory for virtually all motor vehicles, including those used only on private property. According to the official definition, WAM is now mandatory in the case of "the use of the motor vehicle in accordance with its function as a means of transport, regardless of the characteristics of the motor vehicle and regardless of the terrain on which the motor vehicle is used and whether it is stationary or in motion."

Mandatory for all vehicles

All motor vehicles that had the function of a means of transportation at the time damage occurred must be WA insured. It no longer matters whether the vehicle was driving or stationary. The location of the vehicle - public road or private property - also no longer matters.

Good to know: Business Liability Insurance (AVB) does not provide coverage for damage caused by motor vehicles, even if the vehicles are inside your business building or on your own property.


Do you have questions about the WAM or want to know more about the changes? If so, please contact us. We will be happy to help you and look at the best coverage for your business.