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What is the cost of corporate liability insurance?

Imagine this: you have just opened a store, and a customer slips on the new floor and breaks a leg. Or you have just started working as a painter and accidentally drop a pot of paint on your customer's laminate floor. Then you are liable for the resulting damage. The costs can sometimes be high for liability claims, especially if personal injury is also involved. With business liability insurance, you are covered for the high financial costs that sometimes come with a liability claim, but what does business liability insurance actually cost? In this article on Alpina\.nl, we list all the costs for you.

Company liability insurance? Calculate your premium!

corporate liability insurance

Corporate liability insurance costs

The cost of business liability insurance is different for every business owner. Are you a marketer and work primarily in the office? Then you will pay less premium than the owner of a small painting company. This is because your profession and the size of your business affect the cost of your business liability insurance. In determining the cost, an insurer looks at how risky your profession is. The premium for business liability insurance is higher if the insurer assesses a higher risk of damage or injury. If your employees work with large machinery, the risk of injury is already higher than if they sit at a computer all day. So the risk of (injury) damage increases in that case, and that affects the premium. Do you want to know what the premium for a company liability insurance is? Then you can go to calculate an indication of the premium.

Company liability insurance? Calculate your premium!

Cost-determining factors

The cost of business liability insurance depends on a number of factors. Based on these factors, the insurer will calculate the amount of the premium. The following factors influence the costs:

  • The number of employees you have
  • The industry in which you operate and the profession you exercise
  • Your gross annual salary and annual turnover
  • The amount you want to insure
  • Any membership of a trade association or umbrella organisation

Calculate the cost of your business liability insurance directly

Taking out business liability insurance? At you can already calculate an indication of the monthly insurance premium. For this we need some information about your company, so we can make a proper calculation. Simply enter these in our online comparison tool. Based on this information, you will get an indication of the premium, after which you can take out the insurance directly.

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Calculate the premium for a company liability insurance!

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