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On a business trip, you face different risks than on a regular vacation.

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All about business travel insurance

Of course, a business trip is not a vacation, although there is always a buffoon asking what the temperature of the sea water was when you have just returned from a business trip.

This is because the risk of a business trip is different and usually more comprehensive than a vacation. This is why travel insurance policies do not pay out when damage is incurred during a business trip.

To still be insured during a business trip, you can purchase business travel insurance.

Why take out business travel insurance?

On a business trip, you face different risks than on an ordinary holiday. If something happens to you, it has direct consequences for your company. Whether you are in a meeting or have to carry out high-risk activities, it is important that you are properly insured. Different risks also apply to your luggage You probably take a laptop or tablet with you on your business trip, which contains valuable information. Perhaps you have important documents in your luggage. The business financial risk in case of theft or loss is therefore much higher. The insurance company will therefore apply different conditions and rates than for tourist baggage.

Compare business travel insurance

At Alpina.nl you can easily compare business travel insurance policies. After entering a few details, a number of insurance policies tailored to your needs will appear, along with the corresponding premiums and policy conditions. You can now compare these on price and content. Also take a good look at the policy conditions, so you can be sure in which situations you are insured. After all, there are always things that are excluded from coverage. This way you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises during your business trip. Once you have found a suitable insurance policy, you can take it out directly online. Are you having problems or do you have any questions? Then you can of course always reach us by phone at 088 - 688 37 00. You can also send us a message via chat, WhatsApp or Messenger.We are happy to help you!

Corporate travel insurance

When you travel for business once or twice a year, it is sufficient to take out a short-term travel insurance. You will pay exactly for the days you are on the road, so you will never pay too much. If you travel more often, it is wise to choose a continuous travel insurance. You have less to arrange and don't run the risk of forgetting to activate your insurance. You choose which modules you take out. With the Business trip module you are insured all year round for trips you make for your work. When you take out the insurance, you indicate which modules you want to activate. For example, you can choose to include travel accidents or breakdown cover. You can also choose the insured amount for your luggage and the money you have with you. In this way you compose the insurance exactly to your wishes.

Cheap business travel insurance

Would you rather not pay too much for your business travel insurance? At Alpina.nl you can put together your travel insurance completely to suit your needs. You choose which coverages you take out. For example, you can include medical expenses, car assistance or accidents. You can also choose the amount of money and luggage you want to insure. Of course, the more coverage you take out, the more expensive the insurance will be. In addition, you also choose the deductible. The higher the deductible, the lower the insurance premium.

Best business travel insurance

Are you looking for the best business travel insurance? Then look closely at the coverages you turn on. When you briefly cross the border to Germany or Belgium for a business meeting, that counts as business travel. The moment something happens to you there, you cannot call on your private travel insurance. This is why it is wise to always have your insurance in order. It doesn't have to take a lot of time. At Alpina\.nl you can arrange your travel insurance 24/7 with just a few mouse clicks. Wherever you are!

Corporate travel insurance

You can take out collective travel insurance for your entire company. Everyone is then always well insured on the road. Also colleagues who live elsewhere in Europe and occasionally visit the head office in the Netherlands are insured. If you are a freelancer or you are the only one travelling within your company, you can take out an individual travel insurance. You can then incidentally co-insure colleagues and even family members.

Frequently asked questions about business travel insurance

Is business travel insurance mandatory?

Business travel insurance is not compulsory. However, this insurance is recommended for people who travel frequently on business. Business travel insurance can save you a lot of money when you get into unpleasant situations while travelling.

Who is business travel insurance for?

Business travel insurance is for everyone who travels for work. Volunteer work, a study trip or an internship also fall under working on a trip. For this you should also take out a business travel insurance.

What is a business trip?

A business trip is a journey that is not a holiday. For example, you go abroad for business or to visit a conference. Are you going abroad for study, internship or voluntary work? Then most insurers include this in the standard coverage for a continuous travel insurance and you do not need to take out the business trip module.

What does business travel insurance cover?

When you take out a continuous travel insurance policy, you choose which covers you want. Here you can select the Business trip module, so that you are insured during trips that you make for your work. You can also choose from the following covers:

Medical expenses
Legal expenses
Breakdown assistance
Special sports
Extra sports equipment

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