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Professional indemnity insurance for freelancers

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Professional indemnity insurance is extremely important for your financial security as a self-employed person. It insures you against claims for damages from third parties caused by incorrect judgements during the execution of your activities. Think for example of giving wrong financial advice to a company, or making a wrong diagnosis as a general practitioner. The coverage of a professional indemnity insurance gives you, as a self-employed person, a little more financial security. In principle, it is not a legal obligation, but for some clients it is a requirement.

Compare professional indemnity insurance for freelancers

There are an awful lot of providers with different policies for self-employed professional liability insurance. This can make it difficult to find the right solution for your specific situation. This is because the cost and coverage required varies greatly by profession. At , you can easily compare suitable self-employed professional indemnity insurance policies from different providers. This way you can be sure that you have the best possible coverage at a competitive premium. Fill in your details as comprehensively as possible and find the ideal self-employed professional indemnity insurance for your situation.

Please note: A zzp professional indemnity insurance is not a full zzp liability insurance. It does not cover personal injury and material damage caused by you during your activities. To cover damages caused by this, you should take out a zzp business liability insurance.

Why a professional indemnity insurance for zzp?

You have taken the step to start as a self-employed person. You set up your own company and get to work. Business is going well enough for you to break even and after a while you even make your very first profit. Everything turns out for you as you had hoped.

Until you make a mistake... This can happen in any work field .. Imagine that in this situation it is a mistake that cannot be resolved quickly... A mistake that will cost your customer a lot of money or has already cost him a lot of money.... Now you have an angry customer and, as if that wasn't enough, you also receive a claim for damages. The customer is trying to use the claim for damages to recover all the costs incurred as a result of your mistake from you..

To be protected against such claims, there is the professional liability insurance. But why take out this insurance and how do you choose the right one? In this blog Alpina explains it for you.

Difference professional indemnity insurance and AVB

Professional indemnity insurance and liability insurance for companies (AVB) are often mixed up. However, there is a clear difference. A professional indemnity insurance covers only financialcial damage and financial loss.

This is not the case with an AVB. The AVB covers injuries- and property damage. Think about breaking tiles on a building site or getting into a car accident with the company car. You have a car accident with the company car.

For both typesand Do you want to be insured for both types of damage? Then you will have to take out both insurance policies.

What do you need to look out for?

Please pay attention to the following points when you want to take out professional indemnity insurance.


Always check carefully what exactly is covered by your insurance company's professional indemnity insurance. Different insurers may offer different packages. If necessary If necessary, request a quote from several insurers and compare all policy conditions. Keep in mind when an insurance pays out or not. The conditions for payment often differ per insurer..


For which amount are you actually covered? This too can vary from one insurance. Your premium also depends on the amount covered. The higher the amount covered, the higher your premium will be.

Do I need it?

Consider carefully whether you really need professional indemnity insurance. Perhaps this insurance is not so important for your profession.

At Alpina, we always recommend that you consider this insurance when working as a self-employed person. First of all, because of your personal liability in the case of a sole proprietorship. You can go personally bankrupt in case of a substantial damage claim.m.

Close your professional liability insurance with Alpina: simple and affordable

Are you considering a professional liability insurance as a zzp'er taking out professional liability insurance? Then take it out now at Alpina! Thanks to our different modules, you will always find the right insurance for you. If you have any doubts or questions about our professional indemnity insurance zzp? Then feel free to contact at with our customer service. They are ready to answer all your questions.


Calculate the premium of your professional indemnity insurance directly!

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