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What does a ZZP insurance cost?

You have just started your business or might start soon. That means that you will have to incur a lot of costs. Nevertheless, taking out ZZP insurance is very important. During your work, anything can happen that may result in unpleasant financial surprises. The costs of ZZP insurance depend on the type of insurance and the amount insured.

costs of liability insurance for zzp

What does a ZZP insurance cost on average?

The average costs for a ZZP insurance differ per person. This has to do with the fact that you, as an entrepreneur, decide for yourself what you will and will not insure. In addition, numerous factors play a role. For example, the type of work you perform, the value of your work equipment, any premises and a company car. In addition, as mentioned earlier, the amount of the insured sum is an important factor.

Calculate premium

Calculate the costs of your ZZP insurance directly with our handy calculation tool

To calculate the cost of your premium, enter your industry and profession. Next, you fill in a number of questions about your activities for each insurance policy. Then you choose the amount insured per claim. You select the insurances you want to take out and then you get an indication of the premium. You can choose whether you want to pay the insurance premium per month, quarter, six-month or year. When you choose the payment term 'per year', you often get a discount on the premium.

Calculate the premium of your ZZP insurance directly!

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