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All about business property insurance

Of course, you want to insure your business premises properly. A private building insurance does not provide coverage for a business building, which is why you must take out business building insurance, or building insurance. This insures the premises in case of damage by fire, storm, burglary or water. Things that can seriously damage your premises and often result in high costs.

So make sure you are appropriately insured against such risks with business property insurance from Alpina.

So get started comparing business property insurance right away and take out your insurance online today.

What is collateral insurance?

It is also sometimes referred to as business property insurance or business building insurance, but in insurance terms we usually speak of building insurance. With building insurance you insure your business premises. It covers, for example, damage caused by fire, precipitation, steam, leakage, burglary, a falling object or a collision. The insured amount is based on the reconstruction value (repair costs) of the building. The insurance will assume here, everything that is used for "business purposes. So this can also be the shed that is behind the building. This way you don't have to insure each building individually.

Which insurances are required for my business premises?

If you own business premises, you naturally want essential risks to be well covered. This is why commercial property insurance was created. A kind of building insurance, but for business premises. This business insurance covers your business for things like fire, storm or lightning and can prevent a lot of financial damage. By the way, business building insurance does not cover your company's inventory, for this there is inventory and property insurance.

What does it cost to insure business premises?

The cost of business property insurance depends on a number of factors. Based on these factors, the insurer will determine the amount of the premium:

  • The building type and address of the premises
  • The industry in which you work
  • The amount of the reconstruction value

Can I compare business property to insurance?

Looking for low-cost commercial property insurance? On you will find all possible coverages, so you can check which is best suited for your situation. Insurance of your premises is not required by law, but it can prevent a lot of problems. After all, a fire or burglary can cause considerable damage and leave you with a hefty bill. Not what you want as an entrepreneur, of course.

What does commercial property insurance cover?

Business property insurance compensates for damage to your business property(s) caused by:

  • Fire
  • Storm
  • Explosion
  • Lightning strike

Do you choose comprehensive coverage? Then you are also insured against damage resulting from the following events:

  • Run-off water and precipitation
  • Burglary and theft
  • Vandalism and collisions
  • Falling trees, cranes and piling equipment

Cheap business property insurance through Alpina

Your business premises are the face of your company. The place where products are produced and/or services are provided. During a fire, storm or lightning strike, the building can suffer serious damage. With business premises insurance you are insured against damage to your building and you guarantee the continuity of your business. You insure your business inventory and supplies by taking out a separate inventory and goods insurance. We are happy to help you draw up a suitable insurance policy.

You can calculate an indication of the premium online. You will get an overview of all providers, including their premiums and policy conditions. Do you have any questions about the insurance or the offer? Then please contact us. You can reach us by phone at 030 - 6883700 or you can send us a message via the chat function on the website, WhatsApp or Messenger. Our office hours are Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00. Applications can be made 24/7 at !

Premises insurance costs

The cost of insuring a commercial property depends on a number of factors, including type of use, rebuilding value, insurance coverage and the like. Whether you own a factory, store, office or restaurant, your premises are the engine of the business. It is where the staff works, as well as where perhaps the machinery, computers and other equipment is located. The cost of insurance probably doesn't outweigh the cost if the building goes up in flames and you have to pay for everything yourself. Don't forget about your contents, either; you can get inventory insurance for this.

Commercial property insurance online

At you can easily and quickly insure business premises online. With business premises insurance from Alpina, you are always as fully covered as possible for the best premium. You first fill in some information about your business, in our online comparison tool. If you want, you can immediately take out other additional insurances, such as inventory insurance or business liability insurance. We call this an SME package. Do you have any questions about our insurance? Then feel free to contact our customer service team. They are only too happy to answer all your questions.

Commercial property insurance private person

As a company, you do not take out the same buildings insurance as a private individual. With private building insurance you can insure your home. With business premises, however, there are other risks involved. Of course, business premises are not occupied and are usually empty during evenings and weekends. You can therefore take out building insurance for business premises. This insures your premises against damage caused by fire, storm, explosion and lightning, among other things. If you choose the most extensive coverage, you are also insured against, for example, burglary, theft and vandalism.

Insuring rented premises

As the owner of a commercial property, you are always ultimately responsible for the property, even if you rent it out. As landlord, you are also responsible for insuring the premises. With building insurance the building is well insured in case of damage by fire or storm, for example. As the tenant of a commercial building, you don't have to worry about insurance. However, your belongings in the building are not insured. Not even the parquet floor you have installed. If you insure this with tenants' interest insurance, you will be compensated for damage to these kinds of adjustments.

Insurance of business premises and contents

If you insure your home, you can purchase a homeowners insurance policy and a contents insurance policy. With building insurance you insure your home, with contents insurance your contents in the home. The same is actually true for insuring business premises. You take out building insurance to insure the business premises, but all loose items in the premises are not insured with this. Often a business has several computers, machines and other office supplies. These are not covered by business property insurance. For this, you need inventory and property insurance.

Insuring solar panels on business premises

Are you considering installing solar panels on the business premises? If so, this does have risks for your business property insurance. This is because there are a number of risks associated with solar panels. Solar panels can cause fire and roof damage. Since this is an increased risk for the insurer, they may place some additional conditions on the insurance or increase the premium. For example, you may have to take extra precautions, such as non-combustible roof insulation or specific construction calculations. These precautions will lower the risk and allow you to simply insure the premises properly and inexpensively.

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