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Your household contents insurance coverage.


  • Fire damage
  • Theft and burglary
  • Collision and falling of trees
  • Damage by falls and bumps

Most comprehensive

  • Fire damage
  • Theft and burglary
  • Collision and falling of trees
  • Damage by falls and bumps

Additional insurance for greater security



Insures liability for individuals



Insures damage to items in the home


Residential house

Insure damage to your home including glass coverage


Legal aid

Covers the cost of litigation and traffic cases


Continuous journey

Continuous travel and cancellation insurance


Family accidents

Insures accidents for you and your family

What is home insurance?

Home insurance is a combination of contents insurance and building insurance. Home insurance covers damage to your home and home contents insurance covers damage to your household contents. So when you take out home insurance, you insure both damage to the home and damage to the contents.

You can extend your home insurance with Liability insurance, for example. At Alpina.nl you can compile and compare your home insurance policy yourself. The advantage of combining multiple insurance policies is that you have everything under one roof with one point of contact. Moreover, you benefit from package discounts when taking out a home insurance package. This will save you on the premium.

What is household insurance?

A household contents insurance policy insures your household contents in case of damage. By household contents we mean all the things in your home that are not nail-bound and therefore moveable. Think of furniture, clothing and equipment. In simple terms, these are all the things that are easy to take with you when you move. Damage to your contents can be caused by fire, flooding, burglary or vandalism, for example. Items that are attached to your home, such as a built-in kitchen, must be insured separately with homeowners insurance.

What does household contents insurance cover?

Contents insurance coverage includes all movable items in the home. Movable property items in the home that are movable. For example, your couch, bed and television belong to your household contents. The kitchen is not, because in principle it cannot be moved easily and without causing damage. Floating parquet, for example, is part of your contents, but glued parquet is not. Contents are usually insured at new-for-old value. There are several coverage options, but the most common are the Comprehensive Contents Coverage (UGV), the UGV+ and the Most Comprehensive Contents Coverage, or all-risk coverage.

Is your phone co-insured?

Whether a cell phone is co-insured with a household contents insurance policy varies from one insurer to another. Standard contents insurance often offers no coverage for dropping or bumping a cell phone. With some insurers it is covered and with others it is only insured with an all-risk coverage. So always check the terms and conditions of your insurance carefully. Want to be sure that damage or theft to your phone is covered everywhere? Then take out an outdoor coverage. In case of theft outside the home, you will be paid the damage amount. The insurance applies not only to the smartphone. Also for other parts of your household contents.


If you have dropped your iPad or tablet it is of course very annoying if it is broken. If you assumed that the damage would be covered by your home contents insurance, you are often disappointed. Because the coverage differs per insurer, we always recommend to read the policy conditions carefully.

Why is it necessary?

You may wonder if household contents insurance is necessary because you don't have expensive furniture or a rare collection. Yet all your belongings add up to a lot of money. Suppose a fire breaks out in your house and much of the stuff is lost or a burglary occurs and all the electronic equipment is stolen. Having to replace all these items at once can cost a lot of money. Taking out contents insurance can still be worthwhile for this reason. Moreover, damage to your belongings cannot always be prevented either, even if you are so careful. Damage caused by severe weather, for example, is something you can't always do anything about. The terms and conditions of the insurance policy describe the causes in which an insurer pays compensation. They also describe when there is no coverage.

Frequently asked questions household contents insurance

What does home insurance cost?

The cost of contents insurance depends on a number of factors.

  • Your family composition
  • Sum insured
  • Type of coverage
  • Town/City
  • Burglary protection
  • Building material
  • Own risk

For example: A large owner-occupied house will contain more stuff, than a rental apartment with a smaller area. A family usually has more stuff than a single person, so the cost for a family is naturally also higher. Furthermore, Amsterdam, for example, is an expensive region, because percentage-wise more burglaries occur there than in a small rural village.

When should you take out contents insurance?

It is wise to take out insurance for your household contents as soon as you own belongings that are in a home. It does not matter whether the property is bought or rented. A good time to take out contents insurance is when you move house. Of course, you want your belongings in your new home to be well insured in case something unexpected happens. Do you already have household contents insurance? Then moving house is a good time to review it. Always report your new address to the home contents insurer. Do you have new furniture or new appliances? If so, the value of your contents may change.

Which contents insurance is the best?

Which household contents insurance is best for you depends entirely on your personal situation. Do you want to insure your household contents as completely as possible? Then it is best to take out all-risk household contents insurance. In addition, you can also take out a number of additional insurances, such as an out-of-home coverage, or a valuables insurance. Household contents insurance is often taken out together with buildings insurance or liability insurance. This is because when you take out multiple home insurance policies, you benefit from package discounts.

What is cheap contents insurance?

Finding cheap household insurance? Then it's best to compare household insurance policies. At Alpina.nl you can quickly and easily compare household insurance policies by filling in a few questions. The calculation module does the rest for you. You can also view the policy values and compare them if you wish. On our website all possibilities are clearly listed for you. Have you found a cheap home contents insurance? Then you can choose to take out a policy immediately. If you actually want to make an application, please mention any details so we can submit the application directly to the right insurer.

What is the best home contents insurance?

With so many different types of insurance, it's sometimes hard to pick out the best one. After all, what is the best home contents insurance? That depends entirely on your personal situation and the coverage you choose. If you choose basic coverage, damage to your household contents from fire, water, theft and vandalism is covered. In addition to the basic coverage, you can purchase additional coverage, such as out-of-home coverage or valuables insurance. The most comprehensive coverage for your household contents is all-risk coverage. Look carefully at the value of the contents and your personal situation to find the best contents insurance.

Is household insurance mandatory?

Home contents insurance is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended. Even if you don't own precious jewelry or an expensive collection, your contents together are worth a lot of money. Imagine having to replace it all at once due to a fire in your home. Then you would lose a lot of money. With home contents insurance you are insured for this. The monthly cost of the insurance premium is a lot less than if you suddenly have to replace all your belongings.

More questions

Contents insurance for every situation

Home contents insurance is actually indispensable. After all, the things in your home can be damaged in many different ways. For example, by fire, lightning strike, storm, burglary or flooding. With home contents insurance, the insurer will reimburse the damage and the damaged items can be repaired or replaced.


It doesn't matter whether you've rented or bought an apartment: of course you want to insure your (valuable) belongings well. Home contents insurance ensures that your belongings such as furniture, appliances, clothing, etc. are well insured in case of damage by fire or theft. Not everyone takes out household contents insurance. This is because it is not compulsory insurance. People think they don't need it or it is simply forgotten. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend taking out insurance for your household contents. Your contents are worth more than you think.

Rented house

If you buy a house, you need both buildings insurance and contents insurance. But if you are renting a home, buildings insurance is not necessary. These are costs the landlord already pays. However, contents insurance is recommended if you rent an apartment or house, although it is not mandatory. With a rental house, you have to deal with tenant's interest. This includes improvements that you have made to the house yourself, but leave behind in the house when you move out. These are, for example, improvements to the bathroom or kitchen. You paid for this yourself, making it your property. But of course you don't take a bathroom or kitchen with you when you move, this is attached to the house. Normally this is covered by buildings insurance, but with a rental property you don't have buildings insurance yourself. With the tenant interest, you can include improvements you have made in your contents insurance.

Student House

Has your child just moved into a room? Then his or her belongings are no longer covered by your household insurance. If your child is registered at a different address, they must take out contents insurance for that address. Be sure to check the insurer's terms and conditions regarding a student residence. Especially sharing common areas makes the risk higher for insurers. How do you know which items originally belong to whom? Who should take out contents insurance for these items? And who gets paid out in the event of damage? In addition, the chance of burglary or theft in a student residence is much higher. Therefore, many home contents insurers require that the student room must be able to be locked. The insurer may also require that roommates take out insurance for their rented part as well.

Have insurance as a student?

Property insurance for students is not required by law, but it is certainly recommended. By taking out insurance, you are insuring your unloaded items/property in your home or room. You can think about your laptop, furniture, clothes, television and much more.

Content insurance in case of anti-squatting

Even if you live anti-squatting, you will want to insure your belongings properly. However, some insurers are rather reluctant when it comes to insuring an anti-squatting home. This is because they do not know for how long you will need contents insurance. After all, you can be evicted from the property at any time. Insuring for a short time or canceling an insurance policy early costs the insurer a lot of money. Furthermore, many insurers consider anti-squatting to be unsafe. They assume that damage is more likely to occur. Therefore, the premium is often a bit higher if you live anti-squatting.

Moving home contents insurance

During a move, belongings can easily be damaged. Your household contents insurance coverage during a move may vary from one insurer to another. It is possible that your household contents insurance has limited coverage during a move. Check the policy conditions well in advance of your move. This way you avoid surprises.

Content insurance without excess

Some insurers allow you to take out household contents insurance without a deductible. Whether it is wise to opt for a deductible with contents insurance depends on your personal and financial situation. A high deductible is not always wise or unwise. What you will have to think about is whether you can easily take this deductible for your own account in case of damage, for example several times a year.

Better insured when you purchase contents insurance through Alpina

Through our online tool you can very easily calculate the premium for home contents insurance. To do this, you need to enter some information about your home and contents, such as the year of construction and the type of home.


With Alpina's online comparison tool, you can easily and quickly compare household insurance on price and quality. By comparing contents insurance policies, you'll find out which insurance policy is the best fit. Factors that play an important role in determining the premium:

  • The coverage
  • The number of accumulated claim-free years
  • Your age
  • Your zip code

Through our website you can easily compare insurance policies. After entering a few details, a number of insurance policies will appear, tailored to your needs, with the corresponding premiums and policy conditions. Once you have found a household insurance that suits you and your family, you can take out a policy online.

Are you struggling or do you have any questions? You can reach us Monday through Friday between 08:00 and 18:00 at telephone number 088-6883700. We are happy to help you!


Has your application for insurance been denied? If so, there may be several reasons. For example, because you have a criminal record. You can request your details from Stichting CIS. This way you know who has registered you and for what reason. Fortunately, you can always take out insurance with De Vereende. De Vereende specializes in insuring special risks. If a regular insurance company refuses the application, De Vereende will accept it. However, you will pay a higher premium.

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