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If you accidentally make a mistake at work, this can result in a nasty claim for damages. Unfortunately, you are not insured for this with private liability insurance (AVP). To be insured anyway, you can take out business liability insurance. With a business liability insurance you are insured for damages that are caused during work. For example when you drop a cup of coffee over the laptop of a customer. Or when a pot of paint falls over the beautiful wooden floor.

The coverage of a business liability insurance is similar to a Private Liability insurance, but for your company.

What is the difference between business liability insurance and professional liability insurance?

Business liability insurance is often confused with professional liability insurance. Professional liability is, for example, the provision of incorrect or incomplete information, or the giving of incorrect advice. If damage occurs as a result, you are not insured for this with business liability insurance. You must take out professional indemnity insurance for this.

With a professional indemnity insurance you insure financial damage that your client suffers due to a professional misconduct for which you are liable. A professional liability insurance is especially relevant for entrepreneurs who give advice in their work, such as consultants, architects, ICT-consultants or engineers.

Is business liability insurance mandatory?

No, business liability insurance is not compulsory. Nevertheless, it is wise to look into such insurance. After all, an accident can happen at any time and it is not pleasant if you have to pay for the financial consequences of a loss yourself. Moreover, more and more suppliers or customers do not want to do business when someone is not insured. Therefore, many entrepreneurs still choose to take out liability insurance for their company.

What is not insured with business liability insurance?

With a business liability insurance you are not insured for professional liability. For this you need to take out professional liability insurance. Items that you have 'under supervision' are not insured. Think for example of a kitchen or bathroom that you have to install. If this is damaged when you are responsible for it, it is not covered under a business liability insurance. Always check the policy conditions to see if there are more situations in which the insurer does not provide coverage. This may differ per insurer.

Corporate Liability Insurance ZZP

As a self-employed person it is also wise to take out liability insurance. With a ZZP liability insurance you are insured if you, as an entrepreneur, cause damage to another person or if your work causes injury to another person. A professional indemnity insurance is a good way to cover yourself in case of liability damage. With a liability insurance for ZZP'ers, the costs resulting from the damage will be reimbursed by the insurer. You are also insured for damage caused by a trainee or a temporary employee who is employed by you.

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You can take out your business liability insurance easily and quickly at Alpina.nl take out. By entering your details you will be shown a premium calculation. Check your details and request a final quote. You can also take out the insurance directly online.

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