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New car not default to old company car insurance policy

Jun 22, 2018
3 min reading time

Is the current business car due for replacement? It may seem obvious to reinsure the next car on the same business car insurance policy, but it's best not to. The current insurance policy may have been the best choice for the old car, but probably not for the new one. In fact, the premium may be unreasonably high on the old policy.

Insurers each have their own underwriting policies and they decide how much premium to charge for insurance. They take into account the characteristics of the regular driver of the car, but also the factors of the car to be insured. You may find that with a car with a slightly higher or lower list value, you can get cheaper from another insurer. Even buying a different make may make the current company car insurance no longer the wisest choice. When insuring a different car, comparing will likely land you with a different insurer.

Request a quote if necessary

Would you prefer to remain insured with the current insurer? If so, you can request a quote from this insurer for insuring the new car. You can then Alpina.nl compare the current insurer's proposal with what other insurers are proposing. Chances are that another insurer will be able to insure the new car cheaper on commercial vehicle insurance. Is that not the case? Then you can stay with the current insurer.

Can you switch to another commercial vehicle insurance policy?

Yes, when selling your car, you can get rid of the existing company car insurance. Even if the insurance was taken out less than one year ago. Normally, you cannot terminate a company car insurance policy in the first year of insurance, but there is an exception in the case of sale. Even if you buy a similar car again to replace the old car.

Do close the new commercial vehicle insurance policy early

As soon as you get the car in your name, the vehicle should already be insured. Canceling the old insurance can still be done later. The buyer of the old car will give you a so-called release certificate. This is proof that the car is no longer in your name. You can send this to the insurer of the sold car. The commercial vehicle insurance is then terminated as of the date on the release certificate.

Stay critical when insuring. Only by comparing can you avoid spending too much each month to insure your possessions.

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