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Taxis with suspended licence plates seized

Apr 30, 2020
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Because of the corona crisis, there is often little to drive for cab drivers. As a result, cab companies are choosing to suspend the license plates of cabs and temporarily stop cab insurance. However, there are rules associated with this.

Last week, seventy cab vehicles were confiscated by police in Amsterdam. The license plates of the vehicles were suspended while the cabs were on public roads. As a result, they were not insured against mandatory third-party liability, which is punishable by law.

The violations were determined by the Infrastructure Department's Taxi Team. The owners have 14 days to obtain cab insurance and collect the cars from the police. This also cancels the suspension. However, it was not only vehicles belonging to Amsterdam cab companies that were involved. Several cab companies are registered as private limited companies on P.O. box addresses outside Amsterdam. The owners received an official report and, in consultation with the Public Prosecutor's Office, the cabs were moved to a closed area.

Risks to suspending a license plate

Police understand that cab owners may choose to have the license plate suspended during this period. If you plan not to use the public roads with your vehicle for an extended period of time, you can take the vehicle off the public roads. It is then possible to also suspend the registration number. The RDW registers the suspension in the vehicle registration register. As a result, you do not have to road tax pay, there is no MOT inspection requirement and removes the obligation for third-party insurance. Should you also suspend the insurance and had WA extra or WA casco (all-risk) coverage, you should be aware that this coverage is no longer in effect either. So, suspending a license plate can save you a lot of money.

When suspended, the vehicle must be completely off the public roads

If the validity of the license plate is suspended, you may not use the public roads with the cab. This applies both in the Netherlands and abroad. Your vehicle may also not be parked along the public road. This means that the cab must therefore be parked on private property or in a closed garage. A public parking garage is still public road. Many businesses comply with this. The police will continue to take action in situations where this is not the case. Also against driving with a suspended license plate whether or not without valid insurance, the police will of course take action.


Do you have any questions as a result of this article or would you like to suspend your license plate? Vehicle owners can suspend the license plate via the Internet at the RDW as of April 2009.

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