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With the collective health insurance through Goede Doelen Nederland and insurance advisor Alpina, your employees, volunteers and their family members benefit from discounts on supplementary insurance.

In addition, Alpina's advisors offer personal advice and help you join the collective, switch and compare.

Discounts with multiple insurers

Below is the list of participating insurers with the corresponding discounts.

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*Different discount rates may apply with this insurer. Disclaimer: No rights can be derived from the contents of the above table. Changes reserved.
Health Insurer Additional insurance Dental Insurance
CZ 13% 10%
Menzis* 9% 9%
OHRA* 7% 7%
ONVZ 10% 10%
VGZ 10% 0%
Silver Cross 10% 10%

Make use of the collective of Goede Doelen Nederland

Then go to the care comparison site of Charities Netherlands. Here you can compare and apply for health insurance. Or, if you are already insured with one of the participating insurers but do not yet receive a discount, you can apply for the insurance discount here.

Is your employer not listed above?
Then go to the Charities Netherlands healthcare comparator.

Take advantage of the offer immediately

Are you already insured with one of the participating insurers, but not yet receiving a group discount? Then you can take advantage of the offer throughout the year. We'll arrange it for you right away!

Prefer telephone advice?

Getting the most out of the collective health insurance of Goede Doelen Nederland for your employees as well? Then contact Alpina to discuss the possibilities. You can do this by calling 088 - 12 10 222 or send an e-mail to [email protected].

The other benefits of group health insurance through Alpina

  • Personalized and appropriate advice after surveying healthcare specialists
  • Easily and quickly compare and close online or over the phone
  • Excellently accessible help desk with specialists for questions and advice
  • Helped on average 5 weeks earlier thanks to waiting list mediation
  • Guidance on bills and claims, so you get answers to your questions faster
  • Sharp premium and comprehensive coverage thanks to group health insurance

We can be reached via Chat, Whatsapp, phone or email

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