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All about liability insurance

Liability insurance is insurance that pays for injury and property damage if the insured causes damage to others. For example, if you accidentally break someone else's laptop or you trip and take another person with you who breaks their hip as a result, this is covered by liability insurance if you are found liable.

Why do you need liability insurance there?

If you cause damage, by law you are liable for that damage. You are therefore responsible for ensuring that the damage is repaired. With this insurance, if you are held liable, the insurer will (partially) compensate you for the damage. If you do not have liability insurance, you must pay for the damage yourself. How much you have to pay depends on the type of damage. A minor damage, such as a knocked over vase, is usually manageable. But if someone is seriously injured because of your actions, the amount to be paid can be high. If the amount rises too high, you may not be able to pay it yourself and you may end up in financial trouble. To avoid this, you can get liability insurance.

Compare Insurance

Almost all insurers in the Netherlands offer liability insurance. So you have a lot of choice in this, but what should you pay attention to when comparing the different and many providers? Is looking at the amount of the premium enough? To compare insurance policies, you should certainly not only look at the amount of the premium. When taking out insurance, the amount insured is premium determinant. In addition, you can determine the amount of the deductible when taking out insurance, this also determines the amount of the premium.

What exactly is covered?

This insurance covers damage that you or another insured person causes to property (property damage) and persons (personal injury) and for which you can be held legally liable. If you have liability insurance, not only are you covered yourself, but the following people are also co-insured:

  • You and your family, including live-in parents, lodgers and staff
  • Minor children, even if they do not live at home
  • Children of full age if they live at home or are away for study
  • Damage to belongings of others
  • Pets
  • Your (un)movable property

The coverage is very broad. You are insured worldwide. For example, if you cause a damage while on vacation abroad, you and your family members are also covered.

Business insurance

In addition to insurance for individuals, there is also business liability insurance. Business insurance does not cover damages that you or your employees cause as a business. For this you can take out business liability insurance. With a business insurance you are insured for damages caused during your work. If you own a painting company and accidentally drop a pot of paint on a customer's carpet, you are insured.

Insurance for a child

As a parent, do you have liability insurance with family coverage? In most cases, your children are then co-insured until age 23 or 27. Your children must live at home or live away from home to study. If your child marries, then your child must take out their own insurance.

Insurance for a family

With family liability insurance, not only you but also the members of your family are insured in the event of damage. Within family coverage, damage to third parties caused by lodgers is also covered. If lodgers cause damage to your own belongings, this will not be compensated. In case of family expansion, it is important to take a critical look at the insurance as well. The same goes for divorce, moving in together and when the children move out. As long as your children are not listed on the policy, for example, they are not co-insured.

Frequently asked questions about liability insurance

Is liability insurance mandatory?

Many people think that liability insurance is mandatory. However, this is not the case. Liability insurance is often confused with third-party insurance. TPL means third-party liability. This insurance is mandatory, but it covers damage to motor vehicles.

Insurance for individuals (AVP) is not mandatory. However, insurance is recommended because it can save a lot of money in situations where you are held liable when you have caused damage.

How much does liability insurance cost?

Liability insurance is not an expensive policy. For a few euros a month, you already have coverage. The cost of this insurance depends on a number of factors, such as age, family composition and the amount of the deductible. A single person without children is cheaper than a family with children. The insurer naturally looks at the risk of damage. Children are a risk factor here, as they are often rambunctious and unpredictable.

What does liability insurance cover?

Damage you or your family members cause to others for which you are liable is covered by liability insurance. This also includes damage caused by pets.

What is the best liability insurance?

We can't just point out the best insurance for you. It depends entirely on your personal situation. For example, liability insurance for students is not always necessary. If you have insurance with family coverage, the children listed on the policy are co-insured, even if they start studying. Coverage continues as long as your child continues to study. However, most insurers do have a maximum age limit of 27. Once the student is older, separate insurance must be purchased.

What does a liability insurance for zzp cost?

As a ZZp'er it is wise to take out liability insurance for ZZP . As a ZZP-er, you will more than once find yourself in situations that can cause damage to third parties. Taking out insurance for ZZP is a good way to cover yourself for unexpected situations. Liability insurance for ZZP-ers covers the financial consequences of your wrong actions. See what insurance for a self-employed person costs here.

Are pets included in the insurance?

Your pets are covered by liability insurance. Thus, you are insured against the damage caused by your pet.

Is my liability insurance valid abroad?

Yes, liability insurance covers you at home and abroad. Each insurer may differ for which countries this applies or whether it is global coverage.

What is the difference with third-party insurance?

Third-party insurance is mandatory when you own a car or scooter. This insurance covers the damage you cause to another person. Liability insurance covers damage caused to another person through no fault of a motor vehicle. Liability insurance excludes damage caused by a motor vehicle.

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