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What is home insurance?

A home is more than just four walls and a roof. In your home, you sleep, you live and you spend a lot of time. Therefore, your home and your belongings in the home are probably very dear to you.

Therefore, it is important that you insure it properly. With home insurance, you insure yourself against various risks in and around your home, such as fire, burglary or extreme weather.

Home insurance often consists of contents insurance and building insurance.

You can also expand the home insurance with liability insurance, legal assistance insurance and continuous travel insurance. When you take out these insurances together, we call this a home insurance package.

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Why do you need a home insurance one?

You want to insure your home and your belongings as well as possible. With home insurance you are insured for damage to your home and damage to your household contents. With contents insurance you insure all loose items in your home, such as your sofa, bed and television. With home insurance you insure your home and everything attached to it.

If you choose a combination of home and building insurance, you can be sure that your home and your belongings are well insured. You can then arrange and take out your insurance in one go. Moreover, you can also supplement the home insurance with other insurances you may have already planned to take out.

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*Based on row house for a family with children in Nijverdal

Frequently asked questions about home insurance?

What are the benefits?

Taking out home insurance through Alpina has a number of advantages:

  • You can put together your home insurance policy yourself. You choose what you want to insure.
  • You are guaranteed never to be underinsured again.
  • We compare not only on price but also on quality of providers. In the comparison you can also view the details of the insurance and compare multiple insurance policies.
  • Premium discount when purchasing multiple policies.
  • Have you found a good home insurance policy? At you can apply for it directly online. After answering some questions about your living situation, you will immediately see if your insurance is approved.
  • When you purchase home insurance through , you always have a 14-day cooling-off period. This means that within 14 days you can cancel your home insurance and get your paid premium back. Unless, of course, you have had damage.
  • At Alpina, personal contact is important to us. That's why our expert staff are there to help you when you can't figure it out yourself. You can reach us Monday through Friday at 088-6883700 from 8 am to 6 pm.

Can I compare them?

Comparing insurance is probably not your favorite thing to do. Still, we recommend always comparing, as it can save you a lot of time and money. Fortunately, you can easily compare home insurance policies at . Do you have a rental property? Then you do not need to take out building insurance. In this case, you only need contents insurance. You can still expand this with liability insurance, legal expenses insurance or continuous travel insurance. If you take out a combination of insurances, you take out a housing package. When you enter a few details, a number of insurance policies, tailored to your needs, will appear with the corresponding premiums and policy conditions. This way you can compare home insurance on price and content.

Why is it useful to compare?

You obviously want to insure your home and your belongings properly. Ideally, of course, you want the best home insurance at the lowest price. That is why it is important that you compare different home insurance providers in advance. After all, when you buy a new car, you don't just go for the first one. Although the range of insurers is obviously similar, there are sometimes big differences in coverage or premium. When you compare, you get an overview of all home insurance policies, including corresponding premiums and policy conditions. By comparing home insurance policies, you can see at a glance which home insurance policy is the cheapest and suits you best.

How to close?

Once you have made a comparison on , you can view the range of home insurance policies available. If you have found the best home insurance, you can take out your insurance directly online. To do this, however, you'll need to have your details and details about your home handy. You can take out a combination of home insurance and home contents insurance, but you can also supplement your home insurance package with liability insurance, legal assistance insurance or continuous travel insurance. Would you like to consult one of our insurance specialists before taking out your policy? They are ready to help you with all your questions. You can reach us by phone from Monday to Friday at 088 -6883700. You can also always send a message via chat, WhatsApp or Messenger.

What do you need to pay attention to when you take out a loan?

There are a number of things to consider when buying home insurance. For example, you do not have to take out buildings insurance for a rental property. The landlord is responsible for this. So if you take out a residential package, you can omit the buildings insurance. In this case, you can take out separate contents insurance, possibly supplemented by AVP (liability insurance) or legal expenses insurance. In addition, make sure that you take out the right combination of insurances, that way you get the most advantageous deal. Do you go on vacation several times a year? Then you might consider taking out continuous travel insurance as well. This will insure you throughout the year.

Home and building insurance: what's the difference?

Many people think that home insurance and building insurance are two different things. However, this is not so. Home insurance and building insurance are therefore THE SAME insurance policy. Insurers often use these terms interchangeably, which is why confusion sometimes arises. Home insurance (or building insurance) is insurance that covers all the real estate attached to your home. Immovable goods are things that are permanently united with the ground. Think for example of the ceilings, walls, pipes, the roof or a fitted kitchen. With the home insurance you make sure that if damage occurs to one of these items the insurer will pay the damage amount.

What is the difference between home insurance and contents insurance?

Home contents insurance is actually indispensable for everyone. After all, the things in your home can be damaged in many different ways. For example, by fire, lightning strike, storm, burglary or flooding. With home contents insurance, the insurer reimburses the damage and the damaged items can be repaired or replaced. Home insurance is a combination of both home contents insurance and building insurance. With this you insure not only your household contents, but also the house and the things attached to the house. With home insurance you kill two birds with one stone. What's more, you also get a discount on the monthly premium.

What is the point of insurance?

Your home and your belongings can be damaged in many different ways. Imagine that a fire breaks out and a large part of your valuable possessions goes up in flames. Or that extreme weather causes a leak on your roof, requiring the replacement of (part of) your roof. If the damage is extensive, the costs can be high. By insuring yourself properly, you can keep the financial risks manageable. The nice thing about home insurance is that you can insure your home and its contents in one go. Moreover, you then have one point where you can arrange all insurances around your home.

What does home insurance cost?

The cost of home insurance depends on a number of factors, such as:

  • Your family composition
  • Type of coverage
  • Your hometown
  • The type of dwelling
  • The building type of your home
  • The chosen deductible

When calculating the premium, an insurer looks at several factors. Your family composition is one of those factors. For example, a family usually has more belongings than a single person, so the cost of a family is naturally also higher. So the cost you'll incur for home insurance per year is different for each household. There are also a number of factors you can influence yourself, such as the type of coverage, the amount insured and the deductible.

What if I have a thatched roof?

A thatched roof is beautiful, of course, but it is also more of a fire hazard than, say, a tile roof. This is why home insurance for a home with a thatched roof is very important. Imagine a fire occurs and a large part of your home goes up in flames. Without insurance, repairing or rebuilding your home will cost an awful lot of money. With home insurance, both your home and its contents are insured in case of damage caused by fire, for example. Good home insurance can save you skyrocketing costs.

What about solar panels?

If you have solar panels and they are nailed to the roof, you can insure them with buildings insurance. In some cases, solar panels are not nailed down, for example, if you have a flat roof. In that case, the solar panels are not part of your house and are therefore not covered by buildings insurance. You can also insure your solar panels with contents insurance. This is possible if the solar panels are not nailed to the roof. In this case different conditions apply, because the solar panels are outside your house. Always check the insurer's policy conditions. Do you live in a rented house? Then the solar panels are also covered by your home contents insurance.

I have a rental property should I insure that too?

If you rent a property, you are not responsible for purchasing buildings insurance yourself. This is arranged by the landlord. In that case, you only need contents insurance. In that case, you can also take out household contents insurance and, if necessary, supplement it with liability insurance, legal assistance insurance or continuous travel insurance. We call this combination of insurances a housing package. If you take out multiple insurance policies at the same time, you get a discount on the insurance premium. Always check the rental agreement to see if the landlord has indeed taken out building insurance for the house. That way you won't have any unpleasant surprises.

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