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"Comparing caravan insurance almost always pays off. Premiums may have increased or your personal situation may have changed. That's why we recommend comparing your caravan insurance every year."

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All about caravan insurance

You may not realize it, but did you know that premium differences in caravan insurance policies are significant? This also applies to the differences in coverage. Is your caravan already insured and want to know if you are insured properly and cheaply? Compare caravan insurance and marvel at the savings and ample coverage with some insurers.

Often owners don't find out until damage occurs that their caravan is not properly insured. Unfortunately, that's too late. You would be wise to take action before you have damage. We are happy to explain the differences between insurance policies.

What coverage does your caravan insurance offer?

A caravan insurance offers standard coverage against fire and theft. Often the insurer will also pay out for storm damage. Hail damage is a completely different story. The weather is becoming more and more severe. That means more frequent storms and heavy rainfall. Many caravan owners are convinced that their caravan insurance will also cover them for hail damage. This may indeed be the case, but with more and more insurers this is optional. The damage caused by hailstorms can run into thousands of euros. It is therefore advisable to choose a good caravan insurance.

What to look out for when buying caravan insurance?

In particular, policyholders who have been with the same insurer for years can save a lot of money by switching. You may also be overinsured or underinsured in your current caravan insurance policy. For example, you still have an awning insured that you no longer use, or you recently bought a mover for moving the caravan, without including it in your insurance. It is therefore important to check your caravan insurance regularly.

How do I compare my caravan insurance?

Comparing caravan insurance is easy. On Alpina.nl answer a few questions and within minutes you'll see what you can save. These are generally questions that can be answered off the top of your head. To avoid overlooking anything, we also ask about the value of the:

  • Awning
  • Possible extension
  • Contents
  • Mover
What is the best caravan insurance?

We then provide you with an overview of the premiums charged by insurers. In doing so, we distinguish between:

  • Standard coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Extra comprehensive cover

We do this to simplify the choice. Under the "info" button you will find more information about the coverage in the policy. This way you can select the cheapest caravan insurance with the coverage that best suits your caravan. Obviously you want the widest possible coverage, but the premium should be reasonable.

Hail damage co-insurance and the amount of the deductible

These are important points where caravan insurance policies differ. That is why we give these differences a prominent place in the comparison in addition to the premiums. The inclusion or exclusion of hail damage insurance makes a very big difference. This also applies to the amount of the deductible. You are better off paying €10 per year more for caravan insurance without a deductible than paying €150 in risk in the event of damage. In practice, the cheapest insurers often offer proportionately the best coverage.

Separate green card for a trailer

Are you going abroad with a trailer or caravan? You may have to apply for a second green card for your trailer or caravan. In the Netherlands, trailers and caravans are (co-)insured on the third-party insurance of the towing vehicle. The code AF is then mentioned on the green card. Are you going to Germany, Poland or Spain with a trailer or caravan? Then you need a second green card if your trailer or caravan is heavier than 750 kg. These heavy trailers or caravans have their own license plates. Therefore, in these countries you need a second green card on the license plate of the trailer or caravan. If you need a separate green card for your trailer or caravan we advise you to apply for a (separate) green card early. Click here for the 8 things you need to know about a green card.

Frequently asked questions about caravan insurance

Is caravan insurance mandatory?

In the Netherlands there is an insurance obligation for motor vehicles but a caravan cannot propel itself. Therefore, there is no insurance requirement for a caravan. Logically, however, it is wise to take out insurance because in most cases you have paid a considerable amount of money for the caravan. Read more about caravan insurance mandatory>>

What does the new and daily value cover include?

If you cause damage to others with your caravan, this is covered by your third-party vehicle insurance. Damage to your caravan caused by fire, explosion, self-ignition or storm and hail is not covered. For this you need a separate caravan insurance. For new caravans (up to about 5 years old) you can take out caravan insurance with new value coverage, this can be seen as the All-risk insurance for caravans. For caravans between about 5-15 years old, you can take out a daily value coverage. In such a case you are insured up to the amount your caravan is worth at that time.

Is a green card for a caravan obligatory?

In principle, when you take out car insurance, you always receive a green card, which counts as an international certificate of insurance. When you take your caravan on vacation abroad, you may need an additional green card for your caravan. Read more about this>>

Can I suspend a caravan insurance?

The tariff of a caravan insurance already takes into account the recreational (limited) use of a caravan. Therefore, caravan insurance cannot be suspended.

Are my awning and mover also insured?

Yes, all attachments and extensions can be insured. You must declare the value of these separately when applying for the insurance.

Can hail and storm damage be insured?

Do you also want to insure your caravan in case of hail or storm? With this coverage you can insure yourself for this. You will then receive compensation for the damage. And do you have a hail-resistant roof? Then you get a 70% discount on your premium for this coverage. You also have no extra deductible for hail damage. If you don't have a hail-resistant roof, you have an extra deductible of €75.

Can my belongings in the caravan also be insured?

Do you have your belongings in the caravan properly insured? You can do that with this coverage. With this you insure all belongings that are not supplied by the manufacturer. Such as the television or dishes. These are then insured in case of damage or theft. For each damage you have an excess of € 75.

Is it allowed to rent out my caravan?

The (stationary) caravan is insured only during recreational rental to individuals. This is allowed for a maximum of 4 weeks. The caravan may not be in the name of a company.

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