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Three-wheeled-motor scooter

Three-wheeled motor scooter insurance

A three-wheeled motor scooter is a motor scooter with dual front wheels

To calculate premiums, we need the zip code of the primary driver. For private use, the youngest driver must reside at the same address as the applicant. In case of business use, you can enter the postal code of the company here.
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All about three-wheel motor scooter insurance

A three-wheeled motor scooter is a motor scooter with dual front wheels that may be driven with the car license B, provided you obtained the license before 19-01-2013. This makes the three-wheeled motor scooter a good alternative for motorcycle enthusiasts who do not possess a motorcycle license. A motor scooter offers the convenience of a car and the flexibility of a motorcycle. The age limit for driving a three-wheeled motor scooter is 18 years.

Driving licence obligation three-wheeled motor scooter

Did you not obtain your driving licence (B) before 19-01-2013? Then you are in possession of a 'new driving licence'. With the new driving licence obtained in the Netherlands from 19-01-2013, you need a motorbike driving licence (A) to be allowed to drive a three-wheeled motor scooter. It is not necessary to already have a driving licence for a car to obtain a motorbike driving licence.

Since 19-01-2013, the motorbike driving licence has been divided into three categories, namely: A1, A2 and A.

Category A1

This license can be obtained from the age of 18.
For this category there is a maximum of 125 CC and 11 KW power for motorcycles.
There is no maximum CC for tricycles, the maximum power for tricycles is 15 KW.

Category A2

If the driver has held an A1 license for at least two years, category A2 can be obtained. It is also possible to enter without an A1 license, from the age of 20.
A maximum power of 35 KW applies to category A2.

Category A

The minimum age for taking the A category test is 21 years. If the driver obtains the A licence before he or she is 24 years old, code 80 may appear on the licence. Code 80 expires two years after obtaining the category A driving licence or if you turn 24 before then. If you have already obtained the A2 licence before obtaining the A licence, code 80 expires when you have held the A2 licence for two years. If the code expires, you may drive a heavy motorbike (A) without having to take an additional test. If you are under 24, you must apply for a new driving licence from the municipality. If you do not do this, code 80 does not expire until you are 24 years old.

Three-wheeled motor scooters

The most well-known three-wheeled motor scooter is the Piaggio MP3 (LT). In 2006 Piaggio introduced the world's first motor scooter with dual front wheels that could be driven with a car licence. Nowadays, more and more alternatives are appearing on the market, such as the:

  • Gilera Fuoco 500 LT
  • Peugeot Metropolis 400(i)
  • Yamaha Tricity (125 cc)*
    *To ride the Yamaha Tricity (125 cc), unlike the above motor scooters, you must hold an A1 license

Insurance for three-wheeled motor scooters

Are you looking for good and affordable insurance for your three-wheeled motor scooter? At Alpina, you can get insurance quickly and easily.

The premium is determined based on several factors. The amount of the premium depends on the specifications of the motor scooter, its type, weight and number of cc. In addition, your personal information comes into play, such as your age, place of residence and number of claim-free years. You will find the possible coverages in motor scooter insurance further down this page. You can choose whether you want to insure accessories. This is not an obligation.

Possible coverages

Third-party liability (WA)

This is the basic coverage and cheapest motor scooter insurance. It covers the damage you cause with your motor scooter to third parties, but not the damage to your own motor scooter. Read more.

Limited Comprehensive (WA plus or WA+)

In addition to the WA coverage, damage to your own motor scooter is now also covered in the event of fire, theft and storm, among other things. Damage to your own motor scooter that you have caused yourself (e.g. due to a collision) will not be compensated. Read more.

Full casco (all-risk)

This is the most comprehensive coverage for motor scooter insurance. Everything covered under limited hull is covered, but now all damage to your own motor scooter is also covered. Read more.

Supplementary coverages

Accident insurance

Accidental occupant insurance pays a fixed amount in the event of a motor scooter accident to the driver and/or passenger. Read more.

Indemnity insurance for riders

Passenger insurance compensates the rider's and the passenger's damages after an accident with the motor scooter. This damage can include property damage (clothing, luggage, etc.), loss of income, domestic help, transportation costs, medical costs, compensation and funeral costs. Read more.

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