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A Motor Vehicle With Limited Speed, abbreviated as MMBS vehicle. An MMBS is used to perform specific (agricultural) work.

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All about MMBS insurance

A Motorrijtuig Met Beperkte Snelheid, abbreviated as MMBS vehicle, is a motor vehicle for which no license plate is required in the Netherlands. An MMBS is used to perform specific (agricultural) activities. The construction speed of an MMBS can be either 25 km/h or 45 km/h. On the outside it looks like an ordinary passenger car or van, but due to modifications to the engine, this vehicle can only reach a certain maximum speed.

Examples of MMBS vehicles are: limited speed road sweepers, mobile shops (SRV wagons) and self-propelled agricultural machines (not tractors).

MMBS and the RDW

The National Road Administration (RDW) inspects the vehicle, but does not check whether you use the vehicle for its intended purpose. The vehicle must meet the definition, as contained in the Vehicles Regulation article 1.1:

motor vehicle with a maximum design speed of not more than 25 km/h, other than an agricultural or forestry tractor or a moped, not designed for the transport of persons and designed to deliver or collect goods from closely located locations;

The term "motor vehicle with limited speed" is understood to include:

  • a. motor vehicle with a maximum design speed of not more than 45 km/h, not being an agricultural or forestry tractor or a moped, not equipped for the transportation of persons and equipped for performing work off roads, on roads or on works on, in, along and above roads;

  • b. motor vehicle with a maximum design speed of not more than 45 km/h, with not more than eight seats, not including the driver's seat, other than an agricultural or forestry tractor or a moped, which forms a combination with one or more trailers fitted for the transport of persons;

Cheap MMBS insurance

It is important that you take out, at a minimum, third-party insurance for your MMBS vehicle. The insurance company that offers insurance for an MMBS vehicle is the Vereende. Alpina is an intermediary of the Vereende. This means that you can take out cheap MMBS insurance with us.

Insure MMBS

To insure an MMBS, we need some details about you and the vehicle. You can easily request a quote online. After you have agreed to the quote and the first premium has been transferred, your MMBS is insured.

Vehicle conversion to MMBS

Would you like to have your vehicle converted to an MMBS vehicle? This is not easy and there are also a number of conditions for this. This procedure goes entirely through the RDW.
The RDW has prepared a form to apply for approval. You can download this form from the RDW website. It is important that you print the form, read it carefully (both the front and back) and fill it out completely.

Through the RDW website, you can make an inspection appointment at an RDW inspection station. Bring the form, including the original registration certificate, the license plates and the vehicle itself to the inspection station. Here an RDW employee will check whether your vehicle meets the requirements.

Within five working days, the RDW sends a letter to the registered owner/holder of the license plate. This letter states that the registration has been cancelled. Is it a vehicle that is not registered in the Netherlands? Then you will immediately receive a letter from the RDW employee at the inspection station. You may then no longer use the public roads with the vehicle until you receive a letter from the RDW about this. In the intervening period, the vehicle must fulfil the obligations associated with having a vehicle, such as taking out insurance.

Frequently asked questions about an MMBS

What are the MMBS rules?

The minimum age for driving an MMBS vehicle is 16. In addition, you must hold a T license (also known as a tractor license) and your vehicle must be approved as an MMBS vehicle. If you do not have a category T on your driver's license, but you are 18 years of age or older and your driver's license B was issued before July 1, 2015 then you may also drive an MMBS vehicle.

What are the requirements for an MMBS vehicle?

In addition to the admission requirements checked by the RDW, there are also the usage requirements. The user requirements include taking out third-party insurance, having a T-driving license and a certain working hours law applies.
There are three different categories of MMBS vehicles, namely category Z1 with a maximum construction speed of 25 km per hour. Category Z2 and Z3 have a maximum construction speed of 45 km per hour.

What does it cost to insure an MMBS?

There is no standard premium available for this product. After filling in some information on our website, you can easily apply for insurance, after which you will receive an indication of the premium. If the proposal appeals to you, you can take out the insurance directly.

How fast can you drive an MMBS

Depending on its construction speed, an MMBS allows you to drive up to 25 or 45 kilometers per hour.

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