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Boat insurance coverages.


  • Damage to others
  • Fire, self-ignition, explosion and joyriding
  • Storm and hail
  • Contents
  • Trailer + dinghy
  • Other external damage

WA + Limited Casco

  • Damage to others
  • Fire, self-ignition, explosion and joyriding
  • Storm and hail
  • Contents
  • Trailer + dinghy
  • Other external damage

WA + Full Casco

  • Damage to others
  • Fire, self-ignition, explosion and joyriding
  • Storm and hail
  • Contents
  • Trailer + dinghy
  • Other external damage

All about boat insurance

Are you the proud owner of a sailboat, sloop or motor yacht? Then you probably came to this page to find out about boat insurance. You choose the coverage you want. With a good boat insurance you are always safe on the water!

Compare boat insurance

To find the best boat insurance, it is important to compare insurance policies. This way you will find the boat insurance that best suits your personal situation. When comparing boat insurance policies, you need to pay attention to two things: the coverage you want and the cruising area where you will be sailing with the boat. Do you want only basic coverage or do you opt for the most comprehensive insurance? Are you planning to sail only in the Netherlands, or would you also like to take the boat abroad? This all affects the amount of the premium.

Benefits of boat insurance
  • You choose what coverage you want on boat insurance and can put it together yourself.
  • We compare not only on price, but also on the quality of the providers. While comparing insurance, you can view the details for each provider and thus compare multiple insurance policies.
  • Found a suitable boat insurance policy? On Alpina.nl you can apply for the insurance directly online. After entering some data about the boat and answering some questions, you will immediately see whether the insurance application has been approved.
  • When you purchase boat insurance through Alpina.nl you always have 14 days reflection period. This means that you can cancel your boat insurance within 14 days. You can then get your paid premium back, unless of course you have claimed damage.
  • At Alpina, we value personal contact. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you when needed. You can reach us Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at telephone number 088-6883700.
What coverages are there?

There are three types of coverage for your boat insurance, namely:

Third-party insurance

With third-party coverage, your boat is insured for damage you cause to other people's boats. Do you accidentally sail into another boat and is that boat damaged as a result? When you are WA insured, you will be compensated for this damage by the insurer. Otherwise you have to pay the costs yourself. Is your own boat also damaged? This is unfortunately not compensated with only third-party insurance. To get this damage compensated, you need an all-risk boat insurance.

WA limited casco

The WA limited casco coverage is also called a WA+ coverage. This also insures the boat for damage caused by fire, auto-ignition, explosion, joy riding, storm and hail. In addition, you are also insured for damage to the contents of the boat.

All-risk/WA full casco

This is the most complete form of coverage. With all-risk insurance, in addition to the above-mentioned damages, you are also insured for damage to your own vessel, even if you caused it yourself. For example, did you collide with the quay while mooring the boat? Then an all-risk insurance covers the repair costs to the boat.

What does boat insurance cost?

What boat insurance costs is hard to say. This is because the cost of boat insurance varies per boat. We advise you to use our calculation module to make a calculation. After filling in some data you will immediately see the possible insurances which are suitable for a boat. You can easily compare these insurances with each other. This way you immediately see what a boat insurance for your boat costs and you can choose between the different types of coverage. In general, third-party insurance is the cheapest, but with it you also have the minimum coverage. The factors that determine what insurance for your boat costs are listed below.

What are cost-determining factors?

The premium of a boat insurance is determined by a number of factors. These cost-determining factors are discussed and briefly explained below.

The type of boat

Here the type of boat (e.g. a yacht or a sloop), the year of construction, the length of the boat and the current value of the boat are considered.

The engine

There are different engines for a boat and there is a difference in the risk for the insurer with some engines. For example, they look at whether it is a built-in engine or an outboard engine. The insurer also wants to know what fuel is used and what the total power of the engine is.


Of course, the amount of the premium for your boat insurance also depends on the coverage you choose. Do you choose a basic third-party coverage? Then you will be cheaper per month than when you choose a comprehensive all-risk insurance. When choosing coverage, it is best to look at your personal situation. Moreover, it also depends on the sailing areas where you want to be covered and where the boat will be moored.

Furthermore, an insurer may look at:

  • Any claim-free years you have accumulated with past boat insurance policies.
  • Any membership in a water sports club.
Boat insurance Amsterdam

Do you prefer to sail your boat through the beautiful canals of Amsterdam? Then it is often not possible to take out an all-risk boat insurance. Most insurers find the risk of damage to the boat too great and therefore do not take out an all-risk boat insurance. If they do, the premium is often considerably higher. Fortunately, it is usually possible to take out third-party boat insurance if you want to sail your boat in the canals of Amsterdam.

Calculate boat insurance

Want to calculate a boat insurance premium? Then you must first make some decisions about boat insurance. For example, you have to choose which coverage you want and in which sailing area you want to be insured. Then you can use our online comparer to easily and quickly compare different boat insurance policies. This way you can easily calculate an indication of the cost of the boat insurance. Have you chosen a boat insurance? Then you can take out the insurance directly online.

Boat insurance

Although boat insurance is not mandatory in the Netherlands, it can save you a lot of money in case of damage or accident. The cost of repairing damage to a boat can quickly mount up. By insuring your boat properly you will never be confronted with unpleasant surprises. You can insure your boat easily and quickly on Alpina.nl. First calculate the premium online and then take out the boat insurance of your choice. After you have taken out boat insurance online, the application will be processed immediately.

Sailing boat insurance

Have you recently purchased a sailboat or are you perhaps considering purchasing one? Then of course you'll want to insure your sailboat so it's properly insured in case of damage or accident. A sailboat is not a cheap boat, and damage can quickly become expensive. Of course you want to avoid that! You can choose whether you want Wa, WA+ or all-risk insurance. Choose the coverage that suits your boat best, so you never pay too much premium for boat insurance.

Sloop insurance

A sloop is perfect for long summer cruises. Boating with friends or family on Holland's most beautiful lakes and ponds. Such a nice boat should of course be well insured, so that you can go on the water as soon as the sun starts to shine. Always take out insurance for your boat. This way you know for sure that you are insured in case of damage.

Rubber boat insurance

A dinghy is made of material that holds air, allowing it to lie on the water. A dinghy is often confused with a Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB). A RIB lies in the water rather than on it. A RIB is often used for rescue operations on water. Insuring a dinghy is not mandatory. Nevertheless, it is wise to take out third-party insurance. If you cause damage to another person with the dinghy, the costs can be considerable. With TPL boat insurance you make sure you are insured for damage you cause to another person.

Jet Ski Insurance

You can also insure your jet ski through Alpina. Despite the fact that in the Netherlands, contrary to many other European countries, it is not obligatory to insure your jet ski, it is certainly recommended. For a jet ski, you need a license if it goes faster than 20 kilometers per hour. So in most cases, a boating license is mandatory. With a jet ski, also pay attention to the sailing area. Usually, quite a distance from the coast, there are special sections marked for high-speed sailing.

Personal watercraft insurance

A personal watercraft and a jet ski are the same for the law. However, there is a difference between these two craft. A watercraft is required to be operated while seated, while a jet ski can be operated while standing. There is little difference between jet ski insurance and personal watercraft insurance. As with the jet ski, water scooter insurance is not mandatory in the Netherlands. In Spain, Italy, Greece and Croatia, however, it is mandatory. Of course, in the Netherlands it is recommended to insure your water scooter.

Sailing yacht insurance

A sailing yacht, like a sailboat, belongs to the sailing vessels. Generally, the smaller vessels are referred to as sailboats. These are mainly used for recreation or sports. A sailing yacht or sailing vessel is usually larger than a sailboat. If you own a sailing yacht, then of course you want to insure it as well as possible. Use the calculation module below to compare various providers on premium and coverage. If you have found a suitable insurance for your sailing yacht, it is possible to take out insurance directly online.

Cheapest boat insurance

Ideally, you want to pay as little as possible for boat insurance, but you do want your boat to be well insured. We cannot estimate in advance which boat insurance is the cheapest, that depends entirely on your personal situation. Do you have a brand new motorboat? Then the boat insurance will be less cheap than, for example, a small sloop. To find the cheapest boat insurance, we recommend you always compare boat insurances. That way you can easily find the best and cheapest boat insurance for your situation.

Cheapest boat insurance

Frequently asked questions about boat insurance

Is boat insurance mandatory?

In the Netherlands you are not required to have boat insurance. However, in some situations third-party insurance is mandatory. For example at competitions, in a marina, a boat shed or on (part of) the waterways. With a third-party insurance you are insured for damage you cause to others with your boat. Do you sail outside Dutch waters? Then boat insurance may be required by law. For example, this is often the case in countries around the Mediterranean Sea, such as Greece, Croatia, Italy and Spain.

What does WA boat insurance cover?

WA boat insurance covers damage caused by you to others. So the insurance covers the liability of the owner and the driver of the boat for damage caused to third parties. So when damage is caused by you to others with your insured boat, the third-party insurance covers the cost of the damage.

What does WA + full casco boat insurance cover?

The WA + Casco boat insurance offers the most extensive coverage. With this insurance you are in addition to the coverage of the WA insurance and the WA + Limited Casco insurance also insured against damage caused to your vessel by your own actions. For example, did you collide with the shore while sailing and did your boat suffer damage? Then the WA + Limited Comprehensive insurance covers the cost of the damage.

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Glossary boat insurance

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