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What to look out for when taking out bicycle insurance?

The Netherlands is the number one bicycle country in the world. About 17 million people live in the Netherlands, but there are 25 million bicycles. That is 1.5 bicycles per person. Many people have several bicycles per person. A bike for normal use and in addition a racing or mountain bike for sport. The e-bike has also become more common in traffic in recent years. Last year, there were even more e-bikes sold than normal bicycles. With so many bikes in the Netherlands and daily use of the bikes, it is also wise to take out a good insurance policy.

Every year, about half a million bicycles are stolen and damage to the bicycle is made in no time. With a good bicycle insurance you insure yourself of a solution when your bicycle is stolen or damaged. In this handy article you can read which covers are available for your bicycle, what you need to pay attention to when you take out bicycle insurance and more things about bicycle insurance.

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What coverages can you choose from when taking out bicycle insurance?

Bicycle insurance is not compulsory in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, it is useful to insure your bicycle. The purchase of a new bicycle often costs several hundred euros. An insurance can give you a safe feeling after the purchase. An accident is a small risk. Theft of your bicycle is also a risk.

Most insurance policies allow you to choose between different types of coverage. The most common insurances are: theft, theft + damage and theft + damage plus. You can compare these insurances with the different options you also have for a car insurance.

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Theft insurance only insures you against theft of your bicycle. You will receive a payment after the theft. If your bicycle is stolen within three years, you will often receive the purchase value of the bicycle. After three years you will receive a payment after depreciation.

With the theft + damage insurance, in addition to the above-mentioned benefit for theft of the bicycle, you also receive a benefit if your bicycle is damaged in an accident in which you are involved.

With the theft + damage plus insurance you are insured for the above. This insurance offers the added advantage that you will also receive a payment for damage to the bicycle. In addition, this insurance has been extended to include recourse assistance and accident cover.

When taking out insurance, it is important to consider your own wishes and requirements. Once you know that, you can choose the appropriate cover. That way, you will never pay too much or have unnecessary coverage.

Your insurer may make demands after taking out bicycle insurance

You do not want your bicycle to be stolen or damaged. In addition, your insurance company may make demands to prevent theft. Insurers may demand that your bicycle is equipped with a second lock or an ART-approved lock.

It also depends on where you live. In Amsterdam, the theft rate is higher than in Drenthe. It is wise to read the policy conditions of your insurer carefully. The premium can also differ per place of residence. Depending on the theft and damage rate of your municipality.

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