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What is the best bicycle insurance?

Whether your steel steed is a road bike, e-bike or regular city bike, you probably don't want to see it stolen or damaged. With a good bicycle insurance, you are well insured in case of damage or theft and you do not have to pay all the costs yourself. Moreover, you can quickly contact the insurer so that you are not left without a bike for too long. Not every insurer offers bicycle insurance, but fortunately there are plenty of options. But which bicycle insurance policy should you take out? At Alpina.nl we are happy to help you find the best bike insurance.

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best bicycle insurance

What do you need to consider when choosing a bicycle insurance?

Every year, about half a million bicycles are stolen. A good bicycle insurance therefore offers coverage against damage and theft. Besides the coverage, there are some other things that are important when choosing the right bicycle insurance:

  • The value of your bike
  • The type of bike
  • Your city

By comparing bicycle insurances online, you can easily find the best bicycle insurance for your bicycle. Moreover, you can already calculate an indication of the premium.

Want bicycle insurance? Calculate your premium!

Find the best bike insurance in 5 steps

Finding the best bicycle insurance is not difficult at all. It is important that you do not immediately go for the cheapest insurance, but that you also take a good look at the coverage. Otherwise, you will be less well insured than you might wish. Comparing bicycle insurances with our online comparator only takes a few minutes. You will quickly find out what the best and cheapest insurance for your bike is. Follow the steps below when comparing:

  1. Fill in what kind of bike you have and what the new value is
  2. Choose the coverage you want. You can choose between Theft + Assistance and Theft + Damage + Assistance.
  3. Please fill in some additional details about your bike
  4. Read the policy conditions carefully
  5. Take out your chosen bicycle insurance directly online!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best bicycle insurance for an electric bicycle?

You are not obliged to insure your electric bicycle. However, it is worthwhile looking into bicycle insurance for your electric bicycle. An electric bicycle is often not cheap. Imagine that the bicycle or the battery is stolen. If you have to replace it, it is not cheap. Also damage to an electric bicycle can be expensive. Therefore it is good to be well insured.

What is the best bicycle insurance for a racing bike?

Do you like to ride a racing bike in your spare time? A racing bike is an expensive investment. Racing bikes can easily cost thousands of euros. It is a shame to spend extra money on repairing or replacing your racing bike. That is why a bicycle insurance offers a solution. Damage to your racing bike will be covered by your insurance. This way you do not have to spend even more money on your racing bicycle.

What is the best bicycle insurance for a speed pedelec?

A speed pedelec is the only bicycle for which insurance is compulsory. A speed pedelec can go up to 45 km per hour. That is quite fast for a bicycle. At that speed, you can easily cause damage to another person. For example, if you accidentally collide with another cyclist or if you overlook a pedestrian. You are insured for this with speed pedelec insurance with WA coverage. If you also want to insure your own speed pedelec, you can choose a more extensive cover.

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