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You can't really do without e-bike insurance for your precious bike. You take care of it yourself, but theft can easily cause you to lose your bike.

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All about e-bike insurance

You can't really do without e-bike insurance for your precious bike. You take care of it yourself, but theft can easily cause you to lose your bike. You probably won't recover the bike, so you can't do without e-bike insurance. You don't have to worry about the premium. For just a few dollars a year you can get insurance for your electric bicycle.

Also insure against damage

First of all, you should insure your pedelec against the risk of theft. It is also ideal to be reimbursed for repair costs after an accident. That is possible. The premium for the extended e-bike insurance is only a fraction more expensive. You can even choose to insure only the risk of being damaged in an accident.

No excess payable in case of theft

By comparing on you not only get the cheapest e-bike insurance, we also make sure you get good coverage. We don't like to charge a deductible in the event of a claim as well. You can opt for e-bike insurance with a deductible, but you don't have to. It's nice to just get the damage paid out, without the insurer charging you any more money.

Insure the accessories as well

Accessories that you have placed on the bicycle can also be included in the insurance. In this way, you can prevent that in case of theft or damage, you do not receive a payment for the parts of the bicycle that were not fitted as standard.

Pay close attention to the requirements for the locks

Good locks reduce the risk of theft of your bicycle. Insurers demand good quality locks for e-bike insurance as well. Insurers demand an ART-approved lock. This often concerns locks that fall under category 2 at least. Your bicycle dealer can help you find the right locks. They know what insurance companies require when insuring an electric bicycle. If the pedelec is stolen, you must be able to produce two keys. In this way, they can check whether the bicycle really was locked. Insurers can also make other demands. Always make sure you meet the requirements, otherwise the right to a benefit may be lost in case of damage or theft.

Frequently asked questions about e-bike insurance

Why an e-bike insurance?

E-bike insurance is not compulsory. However, it is compulsory to take out third-party insurance for fast e-bikes (speed pedelecs). This insurance offers coverage against damage caused to others. But it is advisable to take out insurance for your normal e-bike. Even with the best locks, theft cannot be completely excluded. Good locks reduce the risk of theft, but do not exclude it. You don't want to think about your uninsured e-bike being stolen, do you?

What does the e-bike insurance premium depend on?

An important factor determining the premium is the value of the e-bike. With a new bike, this is the catalogue value (what the bike is sold as new for). With a second-hand bike, the insurance company asks for the purchase price. The higher the value, the higher the premium for the e-bike insurance. But the insurance for e-bikes remains affordable, even for the more expensive bikes.

What should I do if the bicycle is stolen?

Insuring your pedelec is mainly because the risk of theft is relatively high. If it is stolen, report it immediately to the police. Do this as quickly as possible. Then contact the insurer immediately. Follow the insurer's instructions. They will ask you for the keys to the locks and they may ask you to sign a document in which you transfer ownership of the e-bike to the insurer. In this way they want to ensure that you do not receive the payment while you are still recovering the bike.

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