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Take out bicycle insurance for an electric bicycle: what to look out for?

In the world's largest cycling country, the Netherlands, there has been a turnaround in the bicycle trade since 2018. Since then, more electric bikes have been sold than regular bikes. In 2019, the market share of electric bikes was 41.7 percent. The city bike had a share of 32.9 percent and the children's bike 10.9 percent. The share of electric bicycles is a total of 420,000 bicycles. With so many electric bikes, matching insurance is not superfluous. What to look out for when taking out electric bicycle insurance, and more, you can read in this handy article about electric bicycle insurance.


Insuring your electric bicycle

You are not obliged to insure your electric bicycle, unless you have a fast e-bike (speed pedelec). This bicycle should at least be insured against third-party liability. However, it is worth looking into insurance, even though it is not compulsory. In the Netherlands, we use our bicycles a lot and an accident is just around the corner. In addition, your bicycle or battery can always be stolen. An electric bike already requires a large financial contribution from you. If the electric bicycle is stolen, you do not want to have to pay the costs.

You can often choose from various types of cover when insuring an electric bicycle. These coverages differ from each other. The basic insurance only pays out in the event of theft of your electric bicycle. The more comprehensive insurance also pays out if you have damage to your electric bicycle caused by others. And the most comprehensive insurance often also covers damage caused by yourself (beyond recklessness) and assists you if damage occurs. This is called redress.

Want bicycle insurance? Calculate your premium!

How is the premium of the insurance for electric bicycles calculated?

The premium you pay for your electric bicycle depends on a number of different factors. Firstly, it depends on the cover you choose. The more extensive the cover, the more you will pay in premium. It also depends on the catalogue value of the bicycle, or the purchase price of the bicycle if you bought it second hand. Your place of residence also affects the amount of insurance. Do you live in Amsterdam? Then the premium will be higher. The risk of theft is greater in our capital city than in a village on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug.

Your insurer may impose requirements on your bicycle insurance for electric bikes

A bicycle is easy to steal. That is why most insurers require you to take extra measures to prevent the theft of your pedelec. Insurers often ask you to have an ART-approved lock on your bicycle. This lock should be at least in category two. Your bicycle dealer can help you with this.

In addition, it is never wrong to take extra preventive measures to avoid theft of your electric bicycle. You can think of an extra padlock on your bicycle, so you can secure it. An extra battery lock is no luxury either. Theft of the battery is a regular occurrence. Buying a new battery can easily cost hundreds of euros. It is also wise to store your electric bicycle indoors as much as possible. This makes theft more difficult.

Excess of your bicycle insurance electric bicycle

As with most insurance policies, bicycle insurance electric bicycle involves a deductible. The deductible varies in amount from one insurance policy to another. However, it is not pleasant to pay a deductible after theft or damage to the electric bicycle as well. If you take out insurance through , you always have the option of not paying a deductible in the event of theft or damage. Please note, however, that this may increase the premium of the bicycle insurance electric bicycle.

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