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Is it wise to insure an electric cargo bike?

A cargo bike is handy for shopping or transporting your children. However, cycling on a cargo bike is quite heavy. Do you agree? Then an electric cargo bike is a great solution. This way you can transport almost anything you want without being tired from cycling afterwards. Electric cargo bikes are not cheap. Prices easily exceed 2000 euro. In many cases, this is even without the accessories. Repair costs are often high as well. And when an e-bike is stolen, it is not easy to buy a new one. That is why it is wise to take out bicycle insurance for your electric cargo bike.


Advantages of a bicycle insurance for your (electric) cargo bike

Before you take out bicycle insurance for your (electric) cargo bike, it is useful to know why. That is why we have listed a number of advantages of this bicycle insurance for you.


With bicycle insurance for your (electric) cargo bike, you can be sure that the costs for your bike are always covered. So you do not have to worry that in case of theft or damage you have to pay the costs yourself. Your insurance covers all costs for which you are insured.

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But compared to the above-mentioned costs, it is not so bad. It is a shame to incur high costs in case of repair.

Free choice

Almost every insurance company offers several packages for the (electric) cargo bike insurance. Theft and damage are often separate modules. You can choose whether you want to make use of these or not. Each insurer also offers their own additional modules. These can be separate modules or different packages.

The more modules you choose, the higher your premium will be. By choosing for yourself which modules you consider important, you determine to some extent how high your premium will be.

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How do you choose the right insurance for your electric cargo bike? When choosing insurance it is important to always keep your own situation in mind. Do you always cycle along busy roads and junctions? Do you pass by unlit roads every day? Do you leave your electric cargo bike outside unattended? Or do you always put your bicycle in a secured bicycle shed? Your answer to these questions may influence your choice of modules. You might choose the theft module, but not the damage module (or vice versa).

In addition, you want the most advantageous premium. The fewer modules you choose, the lower your premium will be. It can save you a lot of money to make well-considered choices about which modules to choose.


You can easily calculate the premium for your electric cargo bike with Alpina's online tool. Just fill in the requested information. Then you will automatically see your premium.

Take out your bicycle insurance electric cargo bike with Alpina: simple and affordable

Are you considering taking out bike insurance for your electric cargo bike? Then take it out with Alpina now! Thanks to our different modules, you always have the right insurance. Do you still have doubts or questions about the bicycle insurance? Feel free to contact our customer service. They are ready to answer all your questions.

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