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Is it possible to insure my second-hand bike?

Yes, it is certainly possible to insure a used bicycle. With most insurers, you can simply purchase bicycle insurance for your used bicycle. You can find these insurers by comparing bicycle insurance policies. To do so, you can use our online comparator. At Alpina.nl we are happy to help you insure your used bicycle!

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insuring a second-hand bike

Second-hand bike: to insure or not to insure?

Have you recently purchased a second-hand bicycle? Then you may wonder whether you should insure it or not. Whether it is sensible to insure your second-hand bike depends on the price you paid for it and its condition. If you have bought an old bicycle for a few pennies on eBay or from a bicycle shop, it is not worth insuring it. The value of the bicycle is not in proportion to the cost of the bicycle insurance. However, if you have bought a second-hand e-bike or speed pedelec for a few hundred or perhaps thousands of euros, a bicycle insurance is a sensible choice.

Want bicycle insurance? Calculate your premium!

What cover is available for a second-hand bike

When insuring a used bicycle, you can choose between two different types of coverage: Theft + Assistance or Theft + Damage + Assistance. Did you know that every year approximately one million bicycles are stolen in the Netherlands? Therefore it's always good to be well insured in case of theft. You can also choose to include damage insurance. In that case you are also insured for damage to your bicycle caused by e.g. a fall, collision or vandalism.

When choosing the right cover, it is important to read the policy terms carefully. Does the insurer also reimburse you for damage to the battery? And what are the conditions for theft? That way, you will not have any nasty surprises later on. Besides the standard coverage, you can also take out a number of additional covers. You can expand your bicycle insurance with for instance legal aid, accident coverage and a breakdown assistance insurance.

Own risk

Sometimes you have to pay an excess for a bicycle insurance. The excess can differ per policy and per insurer. You can see this on your policy and in the policy conditions. In case of theft of your bicycle, whatever the type of bicycle, there is usually no excess.

Get insurance directly for your used bike through Alpina

Do you want to insure your used bicycle? At Alpina.nl we always have the right bicycle insurance for you, and you can easily arrange the insurance online. Note: In the case of a used bike, we ask that you send us recent photos of your bike after taking out the insurance. Do you still have questions about the insurance? If so, please be sure to contact us! Our insurance specialists will be happy to help you.

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