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What does bicycle insurance cost?

If you are looking for a bicycle insurance , you are naturally wondering what the costs of a bicycle insurance are. Whether you have a new bike or a used bike, you want to be well insured in case of theft or damage. You can use the best locks, but they will not completely prevent theft. You can take out an expensive bicycle insurance at the bicycle dealer when you buy the bicycle, but it is advisable to compare and take out insurance online.

Costs of bicycle insurance

The cost of bicycle insurance depends on various factors. One of these is the type of bicycle you want to insure. A bicycle insurance for an e-bike will obviously cost more than for a second-hand city bike. The catalogue value is also important. The more expensive the catalogue value of a bicycle, the higher the costs of a bicycle insurance. Of course, the coverage of your bicycle insurance also plays a role. You can insure your bicycle against theft, damage or a combination of theft and damage. Finally, the place where you live determines the cost of your bicycle insurance.

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What does bicycle insurance against theft cost?

Nothing is as annoying as having your brand new bike stolen. That is why it is wise to take out theft coverage for new bicycles. When you take out bicycle insurance you can choose for a basic coverage with theft. The cost of bicycle insurance against theft depends on the type of bicycle and which additional covers you choose. In addition to the theft coverage you can also choose for a coverage against damage. In some cases theft of your bicycle is insured on your home contents insurance, but that is certainly not always the case.

To give you an idea of what bicycle insurance against theft costs, here are some examples.

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Bicycle insurance costs: electric bicycle

With bicycle insurance for your electric bicycle, you can be sure that the costs for your bicycle are always covered. So you don't have to worry about having to pay for theft or damage yourself. Your insurance will cover all costs for which you are insured.

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what does bicycle insurance cost

What does bicycle insurance cost per year?

If you want to take out a bicycle insurance, you can choose to pay a premium per month or per year. In case of a monthly payment, you will receive a so-called instalment allowance. The costs of a bicycle insurance per year are therefore a little lower when you pay a year in advance. The amount of the discount depends on the insurer.

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