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What does boat insurance cost?

Having your own boat offers the ultimate feeling of freedom. You can take your boat out on the water at any time to enjoy the peace and quiet and nature. Not surprisingly, owning a boat is becoming increasingly popular. Have you recently bought a boat or are you planning to buy one soon? Then there are several things to look into, such as the necessary license, the rules on the water and of course the boat insurance. Taking out boat insurance is not always mandatory, but it can be wise. Wondering what boat insurance costs? At we have listed all the costs for boat insurance for you!

Boat insurance? Calculate your premium!

what does boat insurance cost

Boat insurance costs

To determine what boat insurance will cost you, you need to know the factors that determine the insurance premium. When calculating the premium, an insurer looks at the following factors:

  • The type of boat
  • The boat's engine
  • The coverage you choose
  • Any claim-free years you have accumulated with a boat insurance policy in the past
  • Any membership in a water sports club

Boat insurance? Calculate your premium!

What does boat insurance cost per month?

What a boat insurance costs per month therefore depends on a number of factors. We look at the type of boat you have, the year of construction, the length of the boat and the current value of the boat. Also the engine is taken into account. There are different engines for a boat and there are differences in the risk for the insurer with some engines. For example, they look at whether it is a built-in engine or an outboard motor. The insurer also wants to know what fuel is used and what the total power of the engine is.

One of the most important factors for the cost of boat insurance is the cover you choose. You have a choice of three different types of coverage: Third Party, Limited Comprehensive and All Risk. Do you choose a basic WA coverage? Then you will pay less per month than when you take out an extensive all-risk insurance. When choosing the coverage, it is therefore best to look at your personal situation. Moreover, it also depends on the sailing areas where you want to be covered and on the location of the boat.

Frequently asked questions about the cost of boat insurance

Is boat insurance mandatory?

In the Netherlands, you are not obliged to take out boat insurance. However, in some situations third-party insurance is compulsory. For example at competitions, in a marina, a boat storage or on (a part of) the water. With a third-party insurance you are insured for damage that you cause to others with your boat. Do you sail outside Dutch waters? Then it may be that a boat insurance is legally required. This is for example often the case in countries around the Mediterranean Sea, like Greece, Croatia, Italy and Spain.

What does third-party insurance for a boat cost?

The cost of third-party insurance for a boat depends on the type of boat. Third-party insurance is the cheapest insurance. With this you are only insured for damage you cause to others with your boat. Damage to your own boat is not insured. For a WA-boat insurance you pay a lot less per month than for an all-risk boat insurance.

How can I calculate the premium for a boat insurance?

You can easily calculate the costs for your boat insurance with our online tool. To do this, you enter a number of details about your boat, such as the type of vessel, year of construction, engine power and fuel type.

Cheapest boat insurance

Owning and maintaining a boat is often expensive enough. So it is not surprising that you would like to save a little on the cost of boat insurance. At the same time, of course, you do not want to compromise on the insurance cover, so that your boat is as well insured as possible. We can't just point out the cheapest boat insurance, because it depends on your personal situation. Especially the type of boat you have is important. Do you have a brand new, large boat? Then you will pay more per month for your boat insurance than the owner of a small sloop. The best way to find the cheapest boat insurance is therefore to compare boat insurance. Because we list premiums and policy conditions you will find the cheapest and best boat insurance for your boat in no time.

Boat insurance? Calculate the premium directly!

At you can instantly calculate the premium for your boat insurance. You do not have to go through the website of each insurer yourself, but you will immediately get a handy overview of all providers. After comparing, you can take out the boat insurance directly online.

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