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How mandatory is boat insurance?

In the Netherlands you are not legally obliged to take out boat insurance. However, there are exceptions to this rule and if you want to go abroad with your boat there are often different rules. In this blog I will discuss when it is mandatory to insure your boat, which boats are often already insured and why a sensible boat owner insures his boat at least WA.

boat insurance mandatory

When it is compulsory to insure your boat in the Netherlands

In principle, it is therefore not compulsory in the Netherlands to insure your boat. However, in some cases it is required that you insure a boat at least against third-party liability. For example if you:

  • Want to moor your boat in certain marinas
  • Want to race your boat
  • At a boat depot
  • In some waterways (or parts thereof)

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When it is compulsory to insure your boat abroad

In some countries it is compulsory to insure your boat. Especially the countries around the Mediterranean Sea often have this obligation. The following countries, for example, have this obligation:

  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Croatia
  • Greece

You can prove your cover in these countries with an international insurance certificate. You can request this certificate from your insurer or broker before going on holiday. This certificate can differ per country. For example, there is a special Italy certificate which is only valid in Italy.

Going abroad with your boat? Then make sure you have the international insurance certificate or Italy certificate. Otherwise you may face unpleasant surprises when you take your boat out on the water during your holiday.

Boats covered by your standard liability insurance

A standard WA (third party liability) insurance covers the damage you cause to others. Boats that fall under this are:

  • Canoes
  • Rowing boats
  • Sailing boards
  • Sailboats with a sail smaller than 16 m2
  • Motorboats with a power less than 4 hp

Please note that if your boat's engine has a power output of exactly 4 hp, it is no longer covered by your liability insurance.

The standard third-party insurance has, in most cases, world coverage. So even if you go on holiday with your boat/canoe/sailboard, you are covered for damage to third parties. Just to be sure, read the policy of your liability insurance.

Why it is wise to insure your boat at least against third-party liability

Dutch waters are becoming increasingly busy. The chance of accidents is therefore increasing. Because of this, it is wise to take out at least a third-party insurance for your boat. An accident is in a small corner. This way, the damage you cause to others is covered. These costs can be high in case of personal injury.

A third-party insurance doesn't have to cost a lot either, you can get third-party insurance for €60 a year (depending on your boat and situation) and taking out a policy doesn't have to be a daunting task. Within ten minutes you can calculate your premium and insure your boat online with instant coverage.

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