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Frequently asked questions about minicar insurance

Is all the product information on the website complete or are there small print?

On the various pages of our website, we try to explain our products as clearly as possible. We also explain the ifs and buts of the products as much as possible. We have also listed the frequently asked questions for each product. With this, we try to provide as much information as possible about the products we offer.

We work together with several insurers, each of which has its own conditions for the various products. There can be considerable differences between them. We would like to emphasise that you should always consult the policy, including any clauses and conditions. These are always leading.

How old do I have to be to drive a moped?

You must be at least 16 years old to drive a moped.

Can I take my claim-free years with me?

When you terminate your car insurance, you can transfer the claim-free years, once only, to a minicar insurance. This gives you an immediate extra discount. When you have taken over your claim-free years on another insurance, it is not possible to use your claim-free years again for a car insurance.

Do I need a driving licence to drive a moped?

Yes, it is compulsory to have an AM driving licence (moped certificate) if you want to drive a moped or a scooter. Therefore, the presentation of a valid AM driving licence is mandatory when applying for a moped insurance (a car or motorbike driving licence is also sufficient).

How many people can I drive a moped with?

One person may sit next to the driver in the moped. When the passenger is younger than 12 years and smaller than 1.50 m, this person has to sit in an approved child seat. It is forbidden to place a child seat behind the seats. You are obliged to wear a seat belt. When you have a moped without belts, you are obliged to wear a helmet.

What is a moped?

For a moped, largely the same rules apply as for a car. The moped is allowed to drive on the normal roads, with the exception of provincial and motorways. Outside built-up areas, the moped has a maximum speed of 45 kilometres per hour, and within built-up areas you must keep to the maximum speed. Read more

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