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How much excess do you pay in the building insurance?

When comparing building insurance, the excess also plays a decisive role. It makes quite a difference whether the insurer pays the full amount of the claim or whether you have to pay €500 yourself. The amount of the deductible may also depend on the cause of the damage.

The building insurance insures your house against damages such as fire, burglary and storm. After a damage, the insurer pays out an amount with which you can repair the damage. But insurers like to put part of the burden of the damage on the insured. The use of an excess reduces the amount of the claim to be paid out by the insurer. And small claims that do not exceed the excess do not have to be dealt with by the insurer. This in turn reduces the costs for the insurer.

How much do you pay for storm damage under the building insurance?

Storm damage is standard included in the building insurance, but the differences between insurers are big concerning the excess. Insurers charge an extra excess in case of storm. This is often a percentage or percentage of the insured amount with a certain minimum and maximum amount. Often this amounts to an extra excess of €225 to €500.

Opting for a lower premium or a higher deductible?

Of course you want the lowest possible monthly costs, but at what price? Of course, you want to avoid having to pay a lot of extra euros in the event of a claim. Even if you never suffer any damage, it can still happen to you several times in one year. By comparing insurance policies, you can easily save on your monthly costs. This way, you choose the lowest premium, but have the best home insurance.

How does the insurer settle the excess in the building insurance?

Suppose you have €2,000 worth of damage to the back door and window frame from a burglary. If you have an excess of €250, the insurer will only pay part of the repair bill. You can pay the rest to the repairer yourself. Or the insurer will pay the full repair bill and then recover the €250 from you.

So ideally, go for a home insurance policy with no deductible. By comparing Alpina.nl keep your premium low.

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