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Is building insurance mandatory?

Homeowners cannot do without building insurance, but are you obliged to take it out? There is no legal obligation, but if you need a mortgage to finance a property, the lender will require this insurance.

Home insurance is also referred to as building insurance. This insurance pays out if your house is damaged by fire, storm or burglary, for example. Especially the coverage against fire is important.


building insurance obligatory

Why is buildings insurance so important?

Fire can completely destroy your home. As a result, you may be in serious trouble. In the worst case, you may no longer have a home, but still owe hundreds of thousands of euros on your mortgage. How will you pay off the debt, taking into account the monthly costs for replacement accommodation? To avoid problems, the bank that provides the mortgage requires you to take out building insurance.

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What are the consequences if you do not take out building insurance?

In principle, you cannot get the mortgage in that case. The transfer of a house goes through the notary. Before you sign the mortgage deed, the notary asks whether you have taken out building insurance. If you do not, you will not receive the mortgage. If, for example, it only transpires in the event of a fire that you have not insured the house, you will have to bear the damage yourself. In a fire, the damage can easily run into tens of thousands of euros. So it is certainly important to take out building insurance before you receive the purchased house in your name.

When does the building insurance pay out?

Insurers nowadays offer insurance policies with extra comprehensive conditions. This means that the cover is much broader than just the fire cover. For example, you will also be paid for damage caused by storm, lightning strike, hail damage and damage caused by precipitation and frost. For the belongings in your house, you can also take out additional household insurance. This is not required by the bank where the mortgage is held, but it is certainly advisable.

How do you choose the right insurance?

We have already made a preselection for you. We can insure your home against risks that threaten your property at an attractive premium. Want to know what it will cost you per month? Calculate it on You can also calculate the premium for other home insurance policies right away. In fact, by combining multiple insurance policies, you can benefit from a lower premium. In addition, it offers the advantage that you never have to choose which insurance policy to file a claim with.

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