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What is the cost of building insurance?

Are you shopping around for home insurance? There are numerous insurers, all of which also charge different premiums. To be able to make a good choice, it is obviously important to know in advance what the cost of home insurance will be. There are several factors at play here. The question on what a home insurance policy costs is therefore not easy to answer. It will be different for everyone.

what is the cost of building insurance?

What factors play a part in the cost of building insurance?

Building insurance premiums are based on a number of different factors, so they are different for everyone.
The things taken into account are:

  • the type of dwelling
  • The construction type of your home (the roof and walls)
  • the reinstatement value
  • The selected coverage
  • the own risk
  • place of residence/region of residence

For special properties, conditions and premiums may differ.

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What does building insurance cost per year?

So the cost you spend on building insurance per year is different for each household. The premium for a detached villa is obviously higher than the premium for a small house. In addition, it also makes a difference what the building type of the house is. The fire risk of a wooden house is higher than the risk of a house built with bricks. According to Vereniging Eigen Huis, the average premium for building insurance is €1.30 per €1,000 of insured value. So for a house with a rebuilding value of €250,000, you pay an average of €325 per year (including insurance tax €393.25). But by comparing well you can often insure your home much cheaper.

A reconstruction value meter can help you calculate the reconstruction value of your building in an easy way.
To determine what it will cost to rebuild a house after it has been lost due to damage, the rebuilding value meter can be used.

What does building insurance cost on average per month?

When you purchase homeowners insurance, you can choose whether to pay for it annually or monthly. Payment per year can be more advantageous than per month. However, this will vary per insurance company and per insurer. The cost of building insurance varies greatly depending on where you live and what kind of house you have. On average, the cost of building insurance is between €11 and €22 per month, based on a mid-sized house in a cheap region.

Compare costs of building insurance

Through our website you can easily compare home insurance policies. After entering some data, a number of insurance policies will appear, tailored to your needs, with the corresponding premiums and policy conditions. You can compare these. If you have found a suitable insurance, you can take it out immediately. Do you need help or do you still have questions? Then you can always contact us by phone at 030-6883700. We will be happy to help you.

Calculate your home insurance premium

To calculate premiums, we need the zip code of the primary driver. For private use, the youngest driver must reside at the same address as the applicant. In case of business use, you can enter the postal code of the company here.
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