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CVO statement: what does it entail?

The European type approval was first introduced in 1996. A type approval indicates that a vehicle complies with the directives that the EU has drawn up in areas such as safety and the environment (Euro class). When a vehicle meets all the criteria, it may be registered and then use the European road network.

As soon as a vehicle is exported and a registration number is applied for in the destination country, the admission authorities ask for a type approval certificate (also called CVO or COC). Many vehicles do not have this document and it is expensive to purchase.

CVO declaration

What is a CVO statement?

CVO stands for Certificate of Conformity. A CVO certificate is actually the "birth certificate" of a vehicle. It is the official document from the manufacturer with all the type approval data and technical details of the car. With it, you can prove that your car meets all the specified admission requirements. A CVO statement consists of the following parts:

  • The official trade name
  • The chassis number
  • The dimensions of the car
  • The CO2 emissions
  • The European type-approval number
  • The cylinder and engine capacity

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When do I need a CVO statement?

You need a CVO statement when exporting a car with a Dutch license plate. A Dutch license plate often contains insufficient data for many admission authorities. Therefore, additional information may be needed. With a CVO you can prove that the vehicle meets all guidelines. This statement is accepted at every inspection in every country. If you want to export a car, it is therefore best to request a CVO declaration.

Why a CVO statement?

The EU has established directives in areas such as the environment and safety. Every vehicle driving on the European road network must therefore comply with these directives. With a CVO statement you can prove that your vehicle does indeed meet these guidelines.

Do you need to apply for a CVO statement?

With VWE 's service, you can easily print this document yourself. The document is translated into the most common languages to better meet the needs of the importing country. To apply for a CVO declaration, you need two documents:

  • A copy of both the front and back of the registration certificate
  • A copy of the registration certificate of the holder of the registration certificate.

The cost of a CVO depends on the model of car and the country of origin. Therefore, the price quickly ranges between €50 and €300. Do you need the certificate before a certain date? Then make sure you apply for it on time.

Need CVO car documents?

If you are going to export a car, you will need a number of documents. Consider the proof of purchase, the original registration certificate and the car's maintenance history. You also need a CVO statement. This document shows that the car meets the requirements set by the EU in the field of environment and safety, among others. Without a CVO, the car may not always be registered. You can always be on the safe side and apply for a COV. With this you can often import your car without problems into the country of destination.

How do you apply for a CVO?

You can request a CVO in the Netherlands from the car manufacturer or its representative. Keep in mind that a CVO often does not arrive immediately. The delivery time differs per brand. You can also request a Certificate of Type Approval from the VVE Automotive. For this you need a copy of both the front and back of the registration certificate and a copy of your identification. In this case, the CVO statement is often received within a few working days.

CVO statement what is it?

A CVO certificate is actually the birth certificate of a car. With a Certificate of Conformity (CVO) you can prove that the car meets the set requirements. If your car does not meet the requirements, it is also not allowed to drive on European roads. When you want to export a car, it is therefore important that you request a CVO certificate. This makes exporting a vehicle a lot easier, because a CVO statement is accepted at every inspection in every country.

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