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Is your Kiwa SCM certificate still valid?

If a Kiwa SCM approved security system is installed in your vehicle, and this is registered in the Kiwa SCM database, you will receive a CCV vehicle security certificate. CCV stands for Center for Crime Prevention and Safety. The certificate serves as proof, for the insurance company, that the vehicle is secured with an approved security system. If the insurance company requires your vehicle to have an approved security system, check that you have the corresponding certificate and that it is still valid.

Period of validity of the certificate

Once issued, certificates for both passenger cars and motorcycles and two-wheelers have a validity period of 36 months. After this, the security system must be re-inspected every 12 months. This is done by a CCV vehicle security installation company. If the test results are positive, you will not receive a new certificate. You will receive a 'Proof of Certification' as proof that your security system has been inspected and is functioning properly.

Kiwa SCM certificate

Certificate still valid?

Through this link you can see if your vehicle's certificate is still valid. Here you can see by means of the license plate number whether an SCM certificate is registered on the license plate and whether the validity of the certificate has not expired.
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Notification when your certificate expires

You do not always receive an automatic reminder when your certificate expires. Would you like to receive an e-mail when your certificate expires? Then you can request a notification by using your e-mail address and your certificate number.

Your vehicle does not yet have a certificate

If your vehicle does not yet have a certificate and you need one, you can contact a CCV vehicle security installation company. On the Kiwa website you can search for installation companies that certify vehicles and perform periodic inspections of your security system when your certificate has expired.
A certificate is issued when an installation company has checked and approved the operation of the system. Then the recognizable CCV vehicle security sticker is placed on the windows of the vehicle. This way, potential thieves see that the car is equipped with a Kiwa SCM approved system and are more likely to leave the vehicle.

Consequences of no (valid) certificate

It can have major consequences if your vehicle does not have an approved security system. Insurers are increasingly demanding a properly secured car. A KIWA SCM certificate is proof of security. Should you want to claim damages from burglary or car theft on your car insurance, but the alarm requirements are NOT met, an additional deductible may apply or even not be paid at all.

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