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Insuring a car by chassis number: how does it work?

How do you insure a car by chassis number? We'll get into it in this article. But perhaps it's good to first explain what a chassis is. Before your car actually looks like a car as we know it, there is already a chassis. The chassis can be described as the undercarriage of the vehicle. So this is where the complete body (the can) is still missing.
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What is a chassis number?

To distinguish between the many cars on the road, the chassis is numbered. This number is engraved on the chassis and makes the car 'unique'. This can be useful, for example, when identifying a vehicle after it has been stolen. Because no matter how the bodywork is modified, the chassis number remains the chassis number and that in turn is linked to the registration certificate.

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Why insure a car by chassis number?

Are you importing a car? Or are you buying a chassis and then tinkering with it yourself? If the chassis is on the public roads, insurance is compulsory. These are situations in which chassis insurance comes in handy.

What about in the event of theft? As indicated, the chassis number is inextricably linked to the chassis.

Are you buying a car (or chassis) that you fear may be stolen? Does it concern a car that will eventually be insured normally? In that case, chassis number insurance is also a good idea.

Where can I insure a car by chassis number?

Not every insurance company insures chassis numbers. It is advisable to check with your own insurer. Does your own insurer not have this option? It is often the case that insurers who specialise in old-timers insure chassis numbers. If you search an online search engine for the term 'chassis number insurance', you will often find sufficient options. Does your present insurer insure chassis numbers? Then it is, of course, even better to choose this insurer. But as with any new car insurance, this also applies to chassis number insurance: always check the policy conditions!

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