What statements can be obtained regarding claim-free years?

When you take out a car insurance policy, you must be able to show how many claim-free years you have. The proof of claim-free years can be done in different ways. In some cases you have to request a statement, for example if you have driven a lease car in the past few years. In this article we explain which statements you can request with regard to claim-free years.

Employer's declaration

Did you have a company car, but now you want to get your own car insurance? Then you can ask your employer for a statement. With a statement you can prove that you have driven your company car without damage. Keep in mind, however, that many insurers do not accept an employer's statement. This is because it can be easily fiddled with. Always check with your insurer whether an employer's statement is accepted.

Lease statement

With a lease car you do not build up any claim-free years yourself, because the car insurance is not in your name. However, lease companies can issue a so-called lease statement after the car has been returned. A lease statement states how many years the car has been driven and how many damages have been caused. With lease cars it is customary to claim all damages, including minor ones. As a result, the lease statement is often not good for a lease car driver. In the past, not every insurer would grant claim-free years based on a lease declaration, but only a premium discount, which you would lose if you switched. Since 1 January 2022, however, it has been determined that every insurer must grant claim-free years on the basis of a leasing statement, and not just a premium discount. This is more favourable for the policyholder, because it allows them to make a good switch if they want to, without losing their premium discount.


In case of a divorce it is possible to allocate (part of) the claim-free years to an ex-partner. When you have a car together, the car insurance is always in the name of one of the two partners. The person who does not have a car insurance in his/her name, does not build up claim-free years as well, even though they may use the car just as often. In case of a divorce, one of the partners would therefore be left without claim-free years. That is why it is possible to grant an ex-partner claim-free years. These claim-free years can then no longer be used by you, because it is not possible to copy claim-free years. You can compare it to money: if you have 20 euros and you give your partner 10 euros, you will also have 10 euros left over. To transfer claim-free years you need a waiver.

Claim-free years transferable since 1-1-2022

Since 1 January 2022, claim-free years are transferable in certain situations. In case of death for example, they can be transferred to the surviving partner. Also for lease drivers and drivers who have lived abroad for years, it is now possible to transfer the claim-free years. This way, they do not lose their accumulated claim-free years. In our blogpost you can read more about this new regulation.

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