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Home charging station on solar panels

Driving electric is already a sustainable choice, but if you home charging station runs on solar panels, you are even more environmentally friendly. You will be driving on self-generated solar energy, with no greenhouse gases emitted to generate your electricity. Moreover, you will also save on costs, and you will notice that in your wallet. But how exactly does a solar-powered charging station work? In this article, we explain it to you.

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charging station solar panels

How does a solar charging station work?

If you have solar panels on your home, you can use the generated energy to charge your electric car. This works as follows: in the summer months, you naturally generate more power than in the winter months. You can therefore sell excess power back to the energy company. At the end of the year, the returned power is deducted from your power consumption. You then only pay for the number of kWh that remain. This is called the balancing arrangement. Your electric car is of course charged with power from the grid, but because you generate more than you use, you can feed this back and the two amounts are cancelled out. To put it simply: all the kilowatt hours that you feed back, you can use for free when the sun is not shining. Of course, this does not apply if you consume more than you produce.

Please note: from 2023 onwards, the net metering regulation will be slowly phased out. This means that every year you will receive less for the surplus power that you generate and deliver back to the energy company.

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How many solar panels are needed to charge an electric car?

How many solar panels you need to charge your electric car depends on the number of kilowatt hours that your car consumes per kilometre and the number of kilometres that you drive per year. It is also important whether you always charge your car at home or whether you sometimes use a charging station at your workplace, for example. How many solar panels you should install depends on the type of panel and the location of the solar panels in relation to the sun. For the average electric car, you need approximately 8 solar panels. This will enable you to drive on solar energy all year round.

Advantages of solar charging station

A solar charging station has a number of advantages.

  • It's even more beneficial than a home charging station without solar panels
    Every kilowatt hour you generate with your solar panels does not show up on your final electricity bill. So you save on energy costs. Solar panels are, of course, an investment, but you earn them back relatively quickly this way
  • You drive on real green power
    All energy generated by solar panels is completely renewable. No greenhouse gases have been emitted to generate the electricity.
  • You can use the solar panels for more than just charging your car
    Thanks to the solar panels, you are self-sufficient in energy. If energy prices rise, you will not suffer. Moreover, this way solar panels pay for themselves within about 7 years.

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