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8 advantages of an electric car

Electric driving is becoming increasingly popular. Not surprisingly, because an electric car has some great advantages. For the environment, but also for your wallet. Are you still hesitating about buying an electric car? On Alpina\.nl we list all the benefits of an electric car for you!

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electric car benefits

Benefit 1: An electric car is cheaper to use than a petrol, LPG or diesel car

Although an electric car is often more expensive to buy, it is more economical to run than a gasoline, LPG or diesel car. After all, electricity is a lot cheaper than other fuels. Whereas the price of gasoline is determined in part by the price of oil and excise taxes, this is of course not the case with electricity. The cost of charging an electric car depends mainly on the method of charging. You can charge your electric car in three ways: via a fast charger, a public charging station or a charging station at your home. Charging at home is the most economical way. In general, charging with a home charger is 50% cheaper than driving on fuel. Quite a difference.

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Benefit 2: An electric car requires less maintenance

An electric car requires less maintenance because it has few moving parts. By comparison, a car with an internal combustion engine has over 200 moving parts in its power train, while an electric car has less than 20. Moving parts are subject to wear and tear and therefore need to be replaced from time to time. In addition, an electric car does not require an oil change, a new spark plug or a new clutch or timing belt. Also, the brakes often last longer than with a fuel car, because you can use the brakes on the electric motor more. The tyres of an electric car may wear out a little faster, because it is heavier than a car with an internal combustion engine.

Benefit 3: An electric car is exempt from BPM

If you drive a fully electric car, you are exempt from BPM. BPM, Taxation of passenger cars and motorbikes, is the tax you pay for a passenger car, van or motorbike. The tax authorities calculate the BPM for a car based on the CO2 emission. The more economical the car, the less BPM you pay. For a fully electric car you do not pay BPM, it is exempted by the tax authorities. In this way, the government wants to stimulate fully electric cars.

Benefit 4: You do not have to pay motor vehicle tax

Normally, as an owner of a motor vehicle, you always pay road tax. The amount of road tax depends on the type of fuel, the weight of the vehicle and the province where you live. However, as an owner of an electric car, you do not have to pay road tax. The central government has exempted owners of a fully electric car from paying road tax until 2024.

Benefit 5: It is better for the environment

An electric car is much better for the environment than a car with an internal combustion engine. An electric car produces no nitrogen and fine dust, and emits less CO2 while driving and during production. If the car runs on energy that is generated by nature, for example by windmills or solar panels, it runs completely emission-free. This is positive for the climate. Electric driving is therefore a sustainable choice. That is why the government is trying to stimulate it, by exempting electric car owners from BPM and MRB.

Benefit 6: You can generate your own energy with solar panels

Do you have solar panels on your home? Then you can use the energy generated to charge your electric car. This works as follows: in the summer months you naturally generate more power than in the winter months. Excess power you can therefore supply back to the power company. At the end of the year, the returned power is deducted from your electricity consumption. You then pay only the number of kWh remaining. This is called the net-metering scheme. Of course, your electric car is charged with power from the grid, but because you generate more than you used, you can feed it back and the two amounts are offset against each other.

Please note: from 2023 onwards, the net metering regulation will be slowly phased out. This means that every year you will receive less for the surplus power that you generate and deliver back to the energy company.

Benefit 7: More and more charging options are becoming available

As electric cars become more and more popular, there are more and more charging stations. Not just in the Netherlands, but throughout Europe. There are now more than 60,000 charging stations in the Netherlands, and by 2030 there should be as many as 1.7 million. They will be installed in various streets and residential areas, along motorways and highways, at supermarkets and in restaurants. So you don't have to worry about being stranded by the side of the road because you can't find a charging station.

Advantage 8: An electric car is very quiet

This is actually both an advantage and a disadvantage. Normally, most noise from a car is produced by the combustion engine. Since an electric car has no combustion engine, but is powered by electricity, these cars are very quiet. This is great for you as a driver and for people who live close to a motorway, but it is more dangerous for pedestrians and bicycles. That is why it is compulsory for electric cars to make noise at low speeds. That way, you can hear electric cars coming, but they still make less noise than petrol cars.

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