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When are you too late for an MOT inspection?

When are you late for a MOT inspection? Very simple ... when the MOT date has expired. 11 weeks before the APK inspection expires, you will receive a letter from the RDW. At that time, you still have plenty of time to inspect the vehicle. Two months before the expiration of the inspection, you may already have the car MOT tested. The old expiration date is then extended by 1 or 2 years, depending on the current inspection frequency. If you have the vehicle inspected more than two months before the APK expiration date, your vehicle will receive a new APK expiration date.

MOT inspection too late

Are you allowed to drive with an expired MOT?

No, this is not allowed. If the car has not passed the MOT, you are not allowed to drive it.

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Are you insured with a car that has not passed the MOT test?

No. When you do not meet the legal requirements, such as having a valid driving licence or driving a car that has passed the MOT, you are not insured.

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