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When should a car undergo its MOT?

When a car needs to undergo an MOT depends on the date of first registration of the vehicle.

If a car has been previously MOT approved, you can assume the date listed on the MOT inspection report. The car must have been retested before that date.

Inspection frequencies

Three or four years after a car is first allowed on the road, there is an MOT requirement. This depends on the type of fuel:

Personenauto’s en lichte bedrijfsvoertuigen (<3.500 kg) Fuel When to inspect?
Date of first authorisation after 1 January 2005 Petrol and/or electric motor First MOT after 4 years, then twice after 2 years, thereafter every year
Diesel, gas or other (possibly in combination with electric) First MOT after 3 years, thereafter every year

Date of first authorisation before 1 January 2005




First MOT after 3 years, thereafter every year


Vehicle 30 years old or more but less than 50 years old




MOT every 2 years


Vehicle 50 or more years old




No compulsory MOT

* No MOT obligation for a vehicle 50 years of age or older goes into effect on 1-1-2021

Vehicles from before 1 January 2005

All passenger cars and light commercial vehicles that were admitted to the road before 1 January 2005 are subject to an annual MOT. For vehicles with a special purpose, such as taxis and buses, the annual MOT inspection always applies. See table below.

Special Vehicles When to inspect?
Taxi, ambulance, bus and hazardous goods vehicles Annual MOT


When to have an MOT check

MOT for vehicles older than 30 years

As of 1 January 2008, the MOT frequency has been reduced for a number of categories of vehicles. Previously, all vehicles older than 3 years had to undergo an annual MOT test.

The changed inspection frequency affects petrol cars from 1 January 2005, but also certain categories of older vehicles with the exception of vehicles with a special purpose (such as taxis, buses, ambulances and transport of hazardous substances). These vehicles must undergo an annual MOT test.


Inspection frequency

Older than 30 years but from after 1 January 1960 (and lighter than 3500 kg) Once every two years, starting in 2008
All vehicles from before 1 January 1960 (light and heavy) exempt from the MOT obligation

Six weeks before the MOT expiration date, you will receive a reminder letter from the RDW. Make sure you get your vehicle approved on time. If your vehicle is approved too late, you will be fined.

In order to fall within the changed inspection regime of once every two years, the vehicle must be inspected once more before the next MOT expiry date in 2008.

Inspection up to two months in advance

You can have your car tested up to two months before the next MOT expiry date. The old expiry date will then be extended by 1 or 2 years.

What is 'date of first entry'?

The first registration date is the date the registration certificate was issued. This date is stated on the registration certificate. Unless another date is stated under the heading 'particulars'. This applies, for example, to registration certificates dated after 1 April 1999 which state the 'date of first admission' and 'date of first issue in the Netherlands'.

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