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What happens if I don't pay the premium or pay it late?

If your car insurance premium is not paid on time, you will receive a payment reminder from your insurer within 14 days. So far, there's no man overboard. But what happens if you still don't pay your premium on time then? The consequences can then become nasty. If, after the reminder from the insurer, you do not pay within the set period, there will be consequences. The insurer will then suspend the insurance 30 days after the billing date.

Not paying the premium on time: your insurance is suspended

If you do not pay your premium on time, your car insurance will be suspended. This means that your insurance is suspended for a short period of time. You are not insured at that time and you are not allowed to use your car on the public roads. If you suffer damage during the period in which cover is suspended, you are not insured. Moreover, you run the risk of being fined by the RDW for not insuring your vehicle. These fines are approximately € 390.

Do you still pay? The insurer will restore your car insurance cover 24 hours after receiving your payment.


Suspended coverage- still pay your premium

The moment your coverage is suspended, you are still obliged to pay your premium. The insurer can also charge collection costs. If you pay the demand including collection costs within the set period, you will be insured again. If the premium is still not paid after this period, the insurer can terminate the car insurance retroactively. This is called expulsion for non-payment.

Please note that at certain times of the day your insurer will process all received payments at once. As a result, your insurer may not be able to retrieve the payment immediately and your payment will be processed retrospectively per receipt date and time.

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