How can I cancel my suspension with the RDW?

If you want to use your car again before the suspension period ends, you can lift the suspension earlier. If you lift the suspension, it will end immediately. It is not possible to lift the suspension for a date in the future. If you end the suspension before the suspension period expires, you will not receive a refund. However, lifting the suspension is free of charge. You can lift the suspension at the RDW. This can be done both online and at the counter. On you can read all about lifting a suspension at the RDW.

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Lift suspension at a counter

If you prefer to suspend your car at a counter, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to a registration desk, RDW desk or RDW testing station
  2. Bring the registration certificate and the transfer certificate OR the registration card and the registration code. Don't forget a valid ID as well.
  3. A staff member immediately stops the suspension
  4. You will receive a paper receipt with the end date of the suspension

If you have a registration card, the first 4 digits of your new registration code will be stated on your certificate of suspension. Within 5 days, you will receive a letter from RDW containing the last 5 digits of the registration code. Your registration card will still be valid. If you have a paper vehicle registration certificate that mentions the suspension, you will also receive a new credit card-sized vehicle registration certificate together with the last 5 figures of the registration code. A paper vehicle registration without any mention of the suspension will remain valid.

What does it cost to lift a suspension?

The lifting of a suspension is free of charge. However, there is a minimum suspension period of 1 month. When you terminate the suspension of your car within 1 month after the start of the suspension, you will still have to pay motor vehicle tax over the period in which the vehicle registration was suspended. You will pay this motor vehicle tax over the suspension period by means of an additional levy. When the suspension is lifted, you must immediately fulfil all of the vehicle obligations again. Before you take the car on the road, it must have a valid MOT. The vehicle must also have at least third-party insurance.

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