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Is caravan insurance mandatory?

With the caravan you can cause damage to others in traffic. Do you need a caravan insurance or is your car insurance sufficient in case of damage?

You have paid a considerable amount of money for a caravan when you bought it. It is therefore logical that you choose to take out caravan insurance. In case of damage, you prefer not to pay the repair costs of, for instance, a few thousand euros yourself. Caravan insurance is recommended but not compulsory.

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Why is caravan insurance not compulsory?

Insurance is compulsory for motor vehicles. A caravan cannot propel itself and is therefore not a motor vehicle. If you cause any damage in traffic with the caravan, the insurer of the towing motor vehicle will pay for the liability damage caused.


Due to a wrong steering manoeuvre, the caravan coupled to a car ended up on the left-hand side of the road and hit a passing car. The other party's damages are paid by the insurer of the base vehicle. It makes no difference whether it was the caravan or the base vehicle that caused the damage.

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Who pays for the damage to your caravan?

If your caravan is damaged while it is connected to your car, you cannot claim the damage on your car insurance. You cannot hold yourself liable for damage to your own belongings. With a caravan insurance you can create the most suitable coverage for your caravan. In case someone else is responsible for the damage to your caravan, you can hold the perpetrator liable. If you cannot recover from a liable party, you may hope to have a caravan insurance.

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The coverages in caravan insurance

You can make various choices. For example, you can include hail damage in your insurance, but you can also leave this risk out. In recent years there have been more hail damages than in previous years. Including it in your insurance is therefore a smart move. Especially if you take your caravan on holiday to the South. For example, around Lake Garda there are relatively frequent hail storms. You can also insure a tent and a mover.

Can you run the risk yourself?

The fact that caravan insurance is not obligatory does not mean that you can do without it. In the worst case scenario the caravan will be stolen or will burn down completely. Without caravan insurance, there will be no payment and you will have to pay for the damage yourself. For a few tenners a month, you can leave such heavy risks to the insurer. Probably you will never need caravan insurance, but since there is a chance for a big damage you prefer to insure the risk.

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