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Additional coverages in commercial motor insurance

In addition to company car insurance, you can opt for supplementary insurance. These are extra covers that can provide added value in the event of damage, a dispute or breakdown en route. Whether these insurances are necessary depends on your wishes.

After comparing and calculating your company car insurance, you are faced with the following choice. Do you need additional insurance? You can choose between the following additional covers:

What does accident passenger insurance offer?

An accident can leave the occupants permanently disabled or dead. The accident passenger insurance provides a lump sum payment. The payment is not sufficient to compensate the injured party in case of permanent disability. The benefit amounts to €15,000. It is intended as a contribution towards the costs. The payment in case of death due to an accident is €5,000. This amount is paid to the surviving relatives of the deceased passenger. The driver is also considered to be one of the passengers.

The coverage of the passenger indemnity insurance is broader

Compared to the accident passenger insurance, this insurance offers a very wide coverage. In addition to personal injury, this additional insurance also pays out for material damage to the occupants' property as a result of the accident. The payment in case of injury is also much broader. For example in case of invalidity there is a payment that allows the injured party to pick up his or her life again, as far as this is possible. An allowance for adapting the house follows, but that is not all. Loss of income due to the accident and the injury can also be claimed from the insurer.

Insuring legal assistance

In relation to traffic or mobility, you may find yourself in the position of needing legal help. The costs can be high, but that is not such a problem if you are insured for it. A legal expenses insurance can take care of the legal costs for you. Another variant is the legal aid recourse. This insurance helps you to recover the costs from the person who caused you the damage.

Insuring your company car for breakdown assistance

It can happen to anyone. You are about to drive home, but the car won't start anymore. If you choose for the additional insurance breakdown assistance, the insurer will call in help to get you on your way again. If that is not possible, your car will be towed away. You do not have to bear the costs yourself. You are insured for this.

Opting for own transport insurance

You can insure your company car against theft, but this coverage only applies to your car. The items in the car are not insured, but it is possible. By choosing the own transport insurance, the items in your car are also insured up to a value of €5,000.

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