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What does own transportation insurance in a commercial vehicle insurance policy entail?

The own transport insurance is an additional insurance to the company car insurance. You can add this coverage if you have valuable merchandise or tools in your car. Because they are in the company car, they are often not insured on the inventory insurance. Also when it comes to private belongings, you do not have full coverage on the contents insurance.

When insuring your company car against theft, people often don't think about insuring the items in the car. In case of theft, you cannot claim the damage on the company car insurance. Keep this in mind.

What is insured in the commercial motor insurance and what is not?

When insuring the company car, the catalogue value of the vehicle is used as a basis. This is the new value at the time when the company car rolls out of the factory. If you choose to install a tow bar under the car, it is insured as an accessory. The tow bar is part of the car. Everything that is not part of the car is not insured on the company car insurance. For example tools are clearly not part of it.

Can you co-insure stuff on your own transportation insurance?

With this additional insurance you can insure theft from the company car. The maximum payment is €5,000. It may also concern goods that are brought to relations. Pay close attention to the conditions set by the insurer. Under certain conditions the coverage also applies to the night. The insurer will, however, set requirements for security.

Is the own transport insurance a useful addition?

Private individuals who do not leave many valuable items in the company car may doubt the necessity. In case of business use, there is often a high value in the company car anyway. The additional insurance costs only a few euros per month. In case of theft of or from the company car, you are happy with this additional coverage.

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